25 Google Search Tips to Find Relevant Results

Google Search provides a gigantic amount of results when you search for a word. It often happens that search result doesn’t fulfill your need. Google fetches the results in terms of the items you write in search box, but you might be lagging behind of what you should write to find the relevant result you want. Here we are writing few Google Search tips reading which you would find the relevant result you are searching for.

1. Cricket Live Score: To search live score of a cricket match being played at any place write ball by ball in Google Search box. You will find live score on espncricinfo.com.

2. Word Meaning and Grammar search: If you want to know meaning, synonyms and grammatical information of a word, Write the word and followed by meaning.  In this way, you can use Google Search as dictionary.  For example, if you are searching the meaning of tips write in Google search box:

tips meaning

3. Temperature and Weather search: If you are keen for knowing weather, temperature, humidity and other weather related information of a particular place then Write Weather Name of Place altogether in Google search box.  For example, you are searching temperature of Patna at present, Write:

weather patna

4. Exclude words in search result: To exclude certain words from your search result you could add minus sign before the particular word.  Just as you are searching for recipe and want to exclude cheese you should write in Google search box

recipe –cheese

5. Currency Conversion: If you are searching to convert one currency to other, write the first currency in second currency in Google Search box. For instance, you want to convert US Dollar to Indian Rupee or know the rate or value of Indian Rupee with respect to US Dollar now write usd in inr.

google search box

6. Time at a particular place: You are not having a clock and are eager to know time at present at your location write time location name. As for you are searching for current time at Patna which is located in Bihar, India, just write

time patna

7. Search a location by ZIP Code or Postal Code: You are aware of zip code of a particular place and search what is the location for that particular zip merely write zip code in Google Search box.

8. Flight schedule for a particular destination: You are planning to leave for another place and in search of flight schedule to go to the destination write flight from the location of departure location of destination. Let us assume you are going from Patna to New Delhi. Write

flight from patna to new delhi

9. Definition of a Word: If you are inquisitive to know definition of any word you can get it by writing define: word in Google search box. For example you are searching for the definition of the word murmuring write

define: murmuring

10. Movie Showtimes: If you are craving of finding Movie Showtimes in your location write movie in Google search box. You will see an empty box just below the search box. Write name of location and click Get Showtimes.

11. Calculate any numerical prob: Google Search is present for any calculation. All you have to do is to write the problem in search box and click the search button. This leads to the solution of the calculation just after the search box.

12. Find Recipe: To search your desired recipe you would have to write only the name of recipe you want to search for.

13. Use Menu:

When you search for a word you find a menu bar on the lower part of Google Search box. In this menu bar there are Web, Image, News, Video, Map, Books, Apps. Chose menu when search. By default it is web. But if you are searching for images click on Image. Click News when you want to know news.


14. Search Effectively with Google Autocomplete:

When anything is written in Search box you can see number of suggestions are coming below. This is the Google Autocomplete feature. You can use this feature to search effectively.

15. Write vs to compare two items:

While you are checking for similarity and dissimilarity between two items. you have to use the term vs between the two words you are searching for. For Instance if you wanna compare between Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 write in Google Search box:

galaxy s4 vs iPhone

16. Use Search Tools to Precise your Result:

Google facilitates many tools to precise your search result. These are just below the search box. Use these tools to find more relevant result.

17. Optimize Image Search:

At the time of searching image, you could optimize Google Image Search to find more relevant result. For this you could set width and length as well as resolution of image.

18. Content in a Website:

To find content in a particular website in Google index write site and semicolon followed by the particular site name. If you are finding content in howto-connect.com, write


19. Linked Web pages:

To know the web pages linked to particular website write link followed by semicolon followed by the site URL.


20. To download Android APK Files Music, Media, Apps:

Android is the most popular ever OS for mobile phones. Developer and Android users often requires android and other files to download. If you are in that queue Google provides a trick using which you could find these files. All you have to do is to write  inurl, intitle, filetype. For example if you are looking for apk files indexed by Google write:

inurl:html, intitle:index of apk

In this way you can search many uploaded file like Music File, eBook, Apps, etc.

21. Download eBook:

While you are going to download a big question mark is where you  will get the eBook you are questing. Here you have not to use a brainstorm, simply write the name of book in the search box and find the destination.

22. What to Do if you want to read a web page and it is not loading or server is down:

Occasionally it happens, you need to read a website or web page and it is not loading. But it is not a headache, you might read the page stored in Google Cache. You have to do simply is to write cache: before the site or web page URL. For instance howto-connect.com is not loading and you need viewing this site write in browser address bar:


23. Search by Image:

This is an advanced tool of Google. You can search any image or site in which the image is found on the web using an image. For this click Google Search by Image. Click on the camera icon, upload your pic and click on search. In result you will find all sites and places where the image is uploaded.

 24. Search by Voice:

You can find relevant results using search by voice feature of Google. You can activate voice tool in Account Settings. After then click on microphone icon. You can see Speak now. Speak the words you are searching for and get result. Even you can search for weather forecast by speaking. A new enhancement is you can speak Will I need an umbrella tomorrow and get relevant result as well as weather forecast of your locality.

25. Use or for Similar Result:

If you want to find result for similar words write the words separated by or. In this way the search result will so the web pages for the both words you are you are looking for.

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