Tips to Make Phone Calls using Google Glass

Google glass is wearable device resembles glass. This is an astonishing glass because it avails all functions which could be used on PC or Cell phones. It can be used for making calls, video calls, taking pictures, videos, messaging and so on. Google glass just works as Bluetooth headset due to which one can receive calling, end calling and make calling. Here we are elaborating about how to make calls with the help of  Google glass. You should confirm that you have paired your mobile phone with the Google glass otherwise. you can not use this feature.

Steps for Making Phone calls using Google glass

1. For making calls – You can make call by only voice action with Google glass to your contacts. If you want to call to “Ram” then say “ok glass make a call to Ram“. It should be remembered that you have set up contact list in Google Glass.

2. For receiving calls – Your screen will turn on showing phone number whose call call arrives to you. Hit your Glass touchpad to receive call and tap to end the call if call is over.

3. For incoming calls РIf someone is calling to you then a rising and falling chime indicates. Tap the touchpad of  Glass and select Accept to answer the call. If you want to reject the call then swipe down the touchpad or tap the touchpad and swipe forward to select Decline.

4. For ending calls – Simply tap the touchpad of Glass and select Hang up to end the calls from your mobile phone.

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