3D Boat Race Windows 8 / 10 Game App Free Racing Game

3D Boat Race is a free Windows 8 game app. This app is basically a racing app like all those you have heard about Need for Speed, Hot Pursuit, and many others. Unlike the above mentioned racing games, this app is not an HD game. 3D Boat Race is a simple, lightweight game designed on a similar concept. Race maniacs would love this app very much. In this app, you will get a boat. You can design your own boat. Once you have done all the basic things which you need to look at your boat attractive, get ready to race against other online players on a global platform. There are multiple tracks to unlock. All you have to do in this app is to set a time record or reach to certain specified rank in a race to unlock the next track. This game is supported in all windows 8 devices.

The interface of 3D Boat Race app looks very cool and fabulous. You will love the right choice of colors used while making this app. Designers have given this app the best shot to make it look brighter and more attractive without eating a large space on memory on the system. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

A link has been provided at the last of this article so that you can have access to this app easily.

Boat Race windows 8 game app

How to use and play with 3D Boat Race Game app

Using this app is quite easy. At first, install this app on your windows machine properly. Once 3D Boat Race game app has been installed, running this app will open a window like the above shown screenshot. Here, you could see that four cameras are supported in this game. 3D Boat Race game is just about racing so you won’t have to register or sign up. The game controls of this app are very easy. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Up Arrow: Accelerate
  2. Down Arrow: Apply Brake
  3. Left Arrow: Turn Left
  4. Right Arrow: Turn Right
  5. Ctrl Key:  Apply Nitro Booster

Most of you might know about nitro in detail. For those who don’t know Nitro is something that accelerates your boat to a very high speed. Obviously, you should not use it at the corners. It is re-filled while you are playing the game. It is good to store it and use it when you find your tracks straight with no curves. It will really help you a lot.

3D Boat Race game also allows changing the camera angle simply by pressing C key. In each game, you have to start from the bottom and race against your opponent who would be higher in rank than yours. Beat him to reach to the next level and thus make your name on the global leader board.

If you are lagging behind your opponent to a large extent, it is good to exit the game by pressing Esc button and try to beat him in the next round. There are several modes in this game like amateur and Expert. Depending on how good you are at this game, decide which game mode you should play. You can switch between the games using Option button on the screen and then changing the game mode here.

Key Features of 3D Boat Race game app

  1.   Free of cost completely i.e. no demo and not just a single paid feature.
  2.   Provides realistic 3D physics with smooth 3d rendering and four different camera modes.
  3.  Provides two different categories i.e. amateur and expert.
  4.  Inputs controls are flexible i.e. you can choose either keyboard or mouse(in case of screen touch) as your input controller.
  5.  Controllers are very simple and easy to use while playing the games.
  6. Access to global leader boards, thus you could know about the highest scorer.
  7.  You can challenge users globally by making a high score.
  8. Supports various tracks with different difficulties.
  9. Finish one track to unlock other tracks on this game.


3D Boat Race is certainly a nice windows 8 game app letting you feel the thrill and excitement while playing this game. During playing this app, I don’t encounter any bugs or crashes. It is a well functional app with no glitches. Its smooth running attracts you very much. The tracks provided on this game are challenging and its difficulty increases as you unlock a new track. 3D Boat Race is a fun app and everyone should have it. This is a must try app if speed thrills you.

Link: Boat Race windows 8 game app

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