MyTime Windows 8 / 10 App to Use Stopwatch or Timer in Easy Way

MyTime is a very beautiful Windows 8 App. This app is designed to keep an eye on the time spent or get informed about certain things like meetings, functions, and other things. All you have to do here is to set a time on its settings panel. MyTime app will inform you no matter what you do with this app once fixing the time. It consists of a stopwatch and a countdown timer.

The user interface of MyTime app looks very simple, neat, and clean. It presents itself with big enough fonts, which makes reading the time easy, even from a distance. Even weary-eyed people can see the time here on this app clearly. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

mytime windows 8 app

You can have this app from Windows Store under the Tools category. You can save the complications by visiting to its official website from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to set time using MyTime Windows 8 app

Install MyTime app to your windows machine properly. Once installed, running this app will open a window like the above sown picture. This is the home page of this app. Here, you can see two options. One is Stopwatch while the other is the Countdown timer. If you wish to switch between these two, all you have to do is to tap on the screen. You can see the time in a really big font here. Below this time, you can see two options. One on the left hand side is to delete the preset time while the other on the right hand side is for refreshing the time or reloading. In the middle, there is the Play option clicking on which the countdown begins.

You can set as the many timekeeping as you want. It will present each of them below to each other systematically based on time priorities. When you would be working on any other app, it would be present in the right panel of your screen. If you wish you can quit this app, however it will be running in the background and you might not even notice. Once it reaches the preset time. it will start ringing. You can even decide the countdown setup mode using this app. In order to set the countdown time, simply click on the time values. This opens a chart of time, from where you can select the desired time limit. Time limit could be set for a millisecond too using this powerful app.

Key Feature of MyTime App

  • Cool and simple interface.
  • Completely free app.
  • Uses Stopwatch or countdown timer.
  • Indicates you by a notification when the time completes.
  • Time continues to count even you quit this app.
  • Saves timer data in the cloud (no user data!.

My Note

MyTime is a very good time keeping app of windows 8. It works very fast, quickly, and accurately. This is a very beautiful app with handy features. It completes it works no matter what you do with this app. Overall, this is a good time keeping app and one should have this app as it won’t stop itself even you quit from this app.

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