iMath Windows 8 / 10 App to Improve Mathematical Ability

iMath is a free Windows 8 App. This app is considered as a nice education app as it lets you understand the basic concepts of mathematics and improve Mathematical ability in a very promising manner. This app is specially designed for kids under the age of 12. iMath helps them in practicing a lot of exercises on various topics like: addition, multiplication, decimal, arithmetic, fraction, geometry, polynomial, statistics and many others. It basically tests your skills while letting you play 4 different types of games on it.

The user interface of iMath app is neat and clean. It is designed in a very peculiar way so that kids want themselves glued with this app. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

 imath windows 8 app

You can have access to this app from the link provided at the last of this article.

How to learn different things while playing on iMath app

Once you have installed iMath app on your windows machine, running this app will open a window similar to the above shown picture. Here, in its home screen you can see a large number of sub-categories floating on the screen under three categories namely Practice, Math Game, and Stat. In the practice category, you have arithmetic, fraction, measure and others while on the Math Game you have four games that you can play so that you could enjoy this app while learning. These four games are Math for game, Sudoku, 24 Points, Math card. The Stat category indicates the progress you make while playing with this app. This also tells the total number of stars you got, your current level, achievements, and scores.

Coming back to practice category, if you click on any of the tiles present in this section, a new window consisting of that very sub-sections will open in front of you. It basically consists of further sub sections with a good number of challenges, time limited exercises, multiple choices and number limited exercises. After each practice session through which you go, an evaluation sheet will be provided to you which is a part of stat. Here you would also be rated among three stars.

In the math game section, all you have to do is to click on any of them and start playing the game and test yourself how good you are in any specific game. This app really provides you a good opportunity to boost yourself and excel in any of the categories you think you are not good at. Give this app a try and you will love the time which you spend while learning mathematics. iMath app could also be accessed through the windows 8 store under the education category.

Key Features of iMath app

  1. Freely Available.
  2. A nice app to teach kids.
  3. Provides additional, subtraction, and many other mathematical exercises.
  4. Once completed provides the statistics of the results.
  5. Uncluttered interface with very simple features to use.
  6. Switching between the screens is very smooth.
  7. Sharing can be done using Windows 8 charm settings.
  8. Supports Sudoku and math card.
  9. Supports Measure exchange exercises and many others similar to this.


iMath is a beautiful application letting you teach children in a very exciting environment. It is a fun app that provides knowledge while playing. The exercises provided on this app are based on how grown-up your child is i.e. you can change the level too here. Overall, this is a good app in building up the mathematical skills and improving Mathematical ability among the younger ones.

Link: iMath

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