6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students

6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students: Scientific Calculators is a very important Tool that can be used by students to solve tedious, complex, and advanced mathematical calculations. If you have a normal scientific calculator, this article is not for you. This article is for those who wish to have an easy user interface calculator to solve their calculations within a few minutes. These calculations could be trigonometrical, matrices, variables, equations, functions, hyperbolic functions, exponential, logarithmic, elementary maths, etc.

Here, is a list of 6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students for your computer which you can use freely at any time given you have the internet connections. Some of them might even be used offline too. Read them and use whichever you love the most.

6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students

1.Tinger Calc

Tinger Calc calculator

Tinger Calc is a free scientific calculator for your laptop. This software allows you to do complex calculations with the help of its mathematical operations present inside itself. You will love its user interface as it is designed keeping in mind the usual form of scientific calculator. It does all the basic calculations i.e. ( +, -, *, /, ^), along with trigonometric functions (sin, sinh, asin, cos, cosh, acos, tan, tanh, atan), exponential functions (exp, ln, lg, sqrt), math constants (pi, e) as well as system functions (exit, quit, print). Performing calculations in this app is very easy and simple in this app. Overall, this Tinger Calc provides you a powerful scientific calculator environment

Tinger Calc


redcrab calculator

RedCrab is again a free scientific calculator software used to perform tough, as well as complex mathematical problems in a quite easy and simple way. The interface of this app is very customizable. You can even use the full-screen editor in this app for different operations like editing, corrections, saving, printing etc. The mathematical expressions can be entered in an editor window similar to a piece of paper. The calculator’s editor supports the entry of complex algebraic equations like fractions, square roots, exponents, variables, etc. for technical and scientific applications. Along with its usual functions, this app also allows you the importing of images as well as texts into the formula edition section. This feature of this software could be used to explain things in a better way. There is no need of any installation of this software required for its usage.


3.Kalkules Scientific Calculator

Kalkules Scientific Calculator

Kalkules scientific calculator is a scientific calculator software available free of cost. This software is used to perform all the complex, as well as difficult operations in a bit easy way. It can even evaluate complex equations, expressions with variables, parentheses, functions, and constants. This app also lets you calculate with the complex numbers, real numbers, modulo numbers, fractions, and polynomials. Along with its normal mathematical operations, this app also provides features for unit conversion features, expression libraries, evaluation history, and many others. It is designed with an amount of non-traditional functions. This app lets you do the following thing:

  • drawing function graphs
  • calculating with real complex or modulo numbers
  • calculating in four number systems: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal
  • calculating with fractions ( ex: 5 / 2 + 1 / 3 = 17 / 6 )
  • calculating with polynomials
  • evaluating whole expressions ( ex: 5 + 10 / 3 )
  • inserting some of the predefined constants + ability to define your own constants
  • intelligent percentage calculations

Kalkules Scientific Calculator

4. Tibi’s Mathematics Suite

Tibi’s Mathematics Suite calculator

Tibi’s Mathematics Suite is a free maths suite consisting of a package consisting of various mathematical applications. These are the free scientific calculator, graphing calculator, matrix calculator, and numeric factorizator. This all are explained below with a little description.

  1. Free scientific calculator: Using this app, you can use to perform various advanced mathematical calculations.
  2. Matrix Calculator: This feature could be used for calculating matrix problems with ease, allowing you to consider two matrices at a time.
  3. Graphing calculator: This feature allows you to type in expressions and allows you to plot, evaluate, or integrate, accordingly.
  4. Numeric Factorization: You can perform factorization and compute the result with the help of this feature. This free maths suite sits in your system tray quietly and lets you select the desired option simply via right click on the icon.

Tibi’s Mathematics Suite

5. SpeedCrunch

speedcrunch calculator

SpeedCrunch is again a freely available scientific calculator software for your PC which lets you do all the complex, as well as advanced mathematical operations in a much easier way. This is a fast, high precision and powerful desktop calculator. It is available for LinuxMicrosoft Windows, as well as for Apple Mac OS X. This app lets you preset the functions, variables, and constants, which can be easily used while doing the calculations. The appearance of this app is customizable. It can perform the calculations up to 50 decimal precision.

There are more than 50 inbuilt mathematical operations in this app. It lets you use the optional virtual keypad made to be used with a mouse. It offers you syntax highlighting feature which lets you minimize errors as you type expressions, equations, and other complex mathematical calculations. It lets you save mathematical calculations in SCH format and on the other hand, it allows you to export your work in TXT or HTML file format, which can be later on used with this free scientific calculator utility.It consists of unlimited variable storage. This software could also record every step in the history so that you can easily recall the steps and reuse later. History, as well as results, could be searched easily on the scrollable display.


6.Smart Scientific Calculator

6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students

Smart Scientific calculators is a free, totally portable scientific calculator software. This software creates a scientific calculator for your desktop, laptop, or other Windows devices. The main process of this app is based on HTML as well as, uses Flash player, and offers a widget you can embed in your blog or Web page. This is a portable freeware that runs as soon as you click its program file, so you can save the download anywhere, such as the desktop or a USB drive. It opens a compact browser page with a realistic 3D-style image of a calculator displayed. Apart from links to the developer’s and sponsor’s Web pages, the only other controls access the widget tool and return the program to its Home page, which refreshes the view.

Smart Scientific Calculator has a full set of buttons, including sine, cosine, tangent, and square root as well as memory and recall functions. We entered a few calculations, and Smart Scientific Calculator marked each keystroke with a sound. There doesn’t seem to be anyway inside the program to defeat the sound effects, beyond muting our sound card, nor did we find any settings other than those for Flash Player, and no Help file or documentation.

Smart Scientific Calculator


Each of the above given 6 Best Free Scientific Calculator Software for Students have almost everything which we need as a student. As we have seen, each one of these is capable of advanced calculations, but some users may find that they need something specific it lacks, and there are no customization options. There are options for regular updates which you have to check on a regular basis. For most users who need a scientific calculator, each among the above-mentioned software is more suitable for performing tasks within a few seconds. They seem to be a very good choice as all of them are completely free.

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