Windows 10 Tips – Enable Administrator, Guest Account

Multiple ways to Enable Administrator, Guest Account in Windows 10 – A secret or you can also term it as hidden Windows 10 administrator account is there that you might be not aware of. By default, that account is turned off or inactive.

You make a user account when you first install Windows 10 on your system. And by default, that account is treated as an administrator account and also is the main account of your system. But there is one thing you are unaware of, Windows 10 automatically creates two accounts by itself, and here also by default both are kept inactive. Among the two accounts, one is the Guest Account and the second one is Administrator Account. With the Guest Account, you cannot install any hardware or software, or either you can do any system modifications. The Administrator Account which is also not active by default can be enabled only in case of troubleshooting or administrative matters.

There is a small difference between the users Administrator Account and build–in Administrator Account. The users Administrator Account faces the prompting of UAC (User Account Control) while the build–in one does not. And the users Administrator Account is an unelevated one whereas the built–in is the elevated one.

Now let’s dive into the Windows 10 tips.

How to Enable and Disable Hidden Windows 10 Administrator and Guest Account

Way 1: Command Prompt

  • First, you have to get the list of all the user accounts of your system and to get the list type the command net user and click Enter.
net user on command prompt
  • In order to active Administrator Account, type the following command –

net user administrator /active:yes

completed successfully
  • To activate the Guest Account type this command –

net user guest /active:yes

  • The build – in Administrator Account is enabled. You can sign–in into the system using this account. But by default it is not password protected.
  • Use this command and protect your account with a password –

net user administrator *

  • Provide your desired password.
type a password

In future, if you desire to disable or cast off the build–in Administrator Account provide the command on elevated Command Prompt –

net user administrator /active:no

disable administrator accountIn these ways, you make control over your Windows 10 PC.

Way 2: Local Group Policy Editor

  • Fetch taskbar search bar on your screen and in the area provided for text, type the letters gpedit.msc.
  • The outcome of your typed text is seen at the top of the bar with a heading Edit group policy. Click on it.
Cortana search bar - gpedit.msc
  • Now, follow this path to make the changes: Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings ->Security Settings ->Local Policies -> Security Options
  • Now look at the right pane of the Security Options. A list of different settings are visible. First find Administrator account status in the list and launch its properties separate box by double hitting on the settings.
Administrator account status
  • After the arrival of its Properties box, select Enabled or Disabled as per your choice.
Enable or disable administrator built in account
  • To make changes in the guest account, find Guest account status in the list. Bring its properties window after double-clicking on the setting.
  • Once the Properties box is visible on the screen, you can see two options. Choose Enabled or Disabled as per your need.
Enable or disable guest built in account
  • In the Properties box of both the accounts, click Apply and Ok to implement the modifications.

Way 3: Computer Management

  • Execute a right click on the Start Menu to bring up different options. Click Computer Management. (You can use any of your way to launch Computer Management).
Computer Management from right click of Start Menu
  • Follow this path on the left pane: Computer Management (Local) -> System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users.
  • On the right you can see Administrator with built-in description. Double hit on it.
Administrator built in in Computer Management
  • The Administrator Properties window will emerge. To activate it, clear off the cell that says Account is disabled.
Enable built in admin account
  • When you select the cell of Account is disabled, you get into the disabled mode.
Disable built in admin account
  • After dealing with this, look for Guest account with a built-in description.
Guest built in account in Computer Management
  • Double hit and after its Properties window, uncheck Account is disabled to enable the account.
Enable built in Guest account
  • Now, check the cell Account is disabled to deactivate it.
Disable built in guest account

Another Tips

How to Switch to the local account after creating a new one

  • Expand Start menu by hitting start icon lying on the extreme left of the Windows 10 taskbar.
start icon lying on the taskbar
  • Click Settings icon.
settings symbol on the start menu of windows 10
  • On Setting window tap on Accounts.
accounts on settings window
  • On the right surface of the System Window, hit the link Sign in with a local account instead.
sign in with a local account instead link on your account section
  • You will see a pop-up emerges. Type the current password of your Microsoft account and click Next button.
switch to a local account pop up
  • In the next pop-up write the credentials you want to use further and hit Next.
enter the information of the guest account in the pop up

A little later you will be carried to your login screen. Login via filling the local account password.

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  1. Hello Wilkies, You need to change permission of user account in Group properties via netplwiz.

  2. Dwight Wilkes


    when i attempt to save a file in “notepad” with a “html” extension I’m getting the message “i don’t have permission to save in this location” contact admin. i’m the admin on this computer. (win 10 Pro)

    Any suggestions?

  3. Devang Mehrotra


    I did all this but now i am not an administrator.While using command prompt,system error occurred,access is denied popped up.I cant install/uninstall any software because i need admin’s password.Please help me fix this problem.

  4. I followed the instructions on activating the guest account in windows 10, however it still does not appear in the control panel. After listing choices of password, time, active -yes, no, It asks for another command. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  5. thanks emessdee.

  6. This was very helpful. I searched high and low to find a way to turn the guest account back on after upgrading from Windows 7 to WinX, The instructions are very clear and I was able to turn on the account on first try

  7. dhinesh, can you use the guest account now without any issues ?? pls tell me how…

  8. What is the other way you did ?

  9. Sunita,

    Thanks for the link and I’ll try to update the video.


  10. Hi Jim this issue is caused by video adapter. So try to update its driver software and check its basic settings.

  11. Hi Rick, This is just because of the video adapter you are running.

  12. What exactly do u run on CCleaner? My guest account does the same as the guy above

  13. Sorry, I completely missed Martin’s post and Sunita’s response. So what causes this?

  14. Thanks for the info re guest acct. I was able to setup the guest acct, but when I use it the desktop flickers annoyingly and am unable to use it. It almost looks like it is in a loop trying to load and reload an app…unsuccessfully. I have restarted several times with no help. I disabled the guest account and am back to normal with my acct. The same thing happens on my desktop computer. Activating the administrator acct seems to work fine.

  15. My screen did the same thing, so I disabled the guest account to look for another way..

  16. I did this, and then did the very last option (net user administrator /active:no). Now, I’m locked out of anything to do with administrator accounts. I’m no longer an administrator, nor can I create an administrator or assign an administrator account. I can’t access anything. What do I do?? I LITERALLY can’t do ANYTHING, because everything that gets access or gets to creating or assigning an administrator account, REQUIRES that you are already an administrator account. HELP PLEASE?

  17. Thank you !!

  18. Run ccleaner. This will help you.

  19. When I then enter the guest account, the screen flashes on and off continuously. Any one else seeing this? I’m on a Surface Pro 3.

  20. In last build of windows 10 , how to sign in using guest account ?
    I dont see guest account in manage user .