A Favorable Touch Keyboard for Windows 8: TouchPal

This article mainly aims for the Windows Touch screens. A new touch screen keyboard is available with the new version of Windows 8 which has very good features and is working well. This version of Touch keyboard in Windows 8: Touch Pal shows suggestions when one types on it, it shows word suggestions, adds a space after a text suggestion, highlights the mistakes, there is even the provision for auto correction which keeps on correcting the words which have been mistaken as one keeps on typing them. It even plays a text sound on typing. Double tapping the Space bar adds a period. The first letter of each sentence capitalizes itself. On tapping the Ctrl key the keyboard shows the shortcuts.

Those who had used the traditional touch keyboard, after using the newer version will discard the older one and will say that the new one is the best. Like the other Operating Systems, there is not a large number of third-party applications to choose from in Windows 8. Some of them available for Windows 7 do not work properly with Windows 8 and with touch screens, they are never compatible. News for techies to make them happy is that a new app for the Touch Screen has been released and available for Windows 8.

touchpal keyboard for windows 8

TouchPal which has been very popular in the Android world has now come to Windows 8. Those who were using this app on the iOS and the Android devices most probably know how helpful this app is. Some of its best features include:

  • Three keyboard layouts
  • Next generation predictive engine
  • Gesture shortcut to quickly include numbers and punctuation
  • Offers best sliding keyboard experience
  • Corrects misspelled works while typing on QWERTY

It has the next generation predictive engine which is very accurate saving keystrokes and ultimately saving time. This predictive engine keeps on getting better and favorable as the user keeps on typing. It starts learning new words and suggests them just on tapping the starting letters. It even takes help from the backup dictionary. There is another feature known as the TouchPal curve, which is amazing. Just by sliding through the first part of the word will add the word.

Another amazing feature is the Gesture Shortcut. Unlike the traditional keyboards where the user had to switch to the other side to enter the words and the punctuation marks, in this keyboard, the punctuation marks along with the numbers and the alphabets are present on the same keys. Just tapping the key will enter the alphabets and swiping them will enter the punctuation mark or the numbers. It saves a lot of time.

If the keyboard sounds seem irritating, then they can be shot off. There are various settings that can be changed like the TouchPal Curve feature, spell check, and transparency. There are three different kinds of layouts for the keyboard: they are Standard, split, and T-style.

The ultimate impression is that it is a very good and favorable app to be used for its striking features which get only better with time.

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