A must have app for the iOS device to clean up: PhoneClean 2

There are many instances when the old apps need to be uninstalled and new apps need to be installed. Or rather a certain app is required at a particular moment and there is no space to install it. These are the situations when we feel that the memory on our iOS devices should have been enough. We go on cleaning up and organizing things. Especially the problem shoots up with the old generation iOS devices which are not much advanced. Swapping between tasks might be an issue and the uninstalling and installing process might make them hang. Then again they have to be restarted.

These are instances when we feel that there might be something which might take up the task of cleaning the iOS device and organizing all the apps without uninstalling or deleting them making room for the others. No one wants to lose their precious data specially the images. PhoneClean 2 comes to the rescue where it is free app. It claims to free up the space by deleting all the contents which is usually not required such as the temporary files, cached and offline files, cookies, script files, and media files that failed to sync properly. This article gives a review of this utility app.

Download PhoneClean 2

The iTunes should be installed in the computer system and then only the PhoneClean can be downloaded. It is available for all versions like the Windows XP and later or for Mac OS X 10.6 and later. The installation process is very quick and straight forward and there is no need to install any third party applications or the toolbars. After the installation, the iDevice can be plugged in and can be scanned. The app really works well and the scans really clean up all the junk files to free the space on the memory. There is an option which asks you for what are the files which you want to scan. You might scan the whole device. However you can avoid scanning the cookies and script files as you might lose the login information.

The interface is very easy and it does not force the user to install any other apps which shows that it is not a scam. It even informs on how much space can be stored by deleting all the junk files. There are many options to choose from. You can even choose the files which you do not want to scan and the apps which you do not want it to touch.

Overall, it is a decent app which works much like an antivirus but not with the full functionality. It only scans and deletes the files but does not give notifications regarding the potentially harmful software. Daily scan with this app might prove very helpful and it also increases the life of the iOS device.

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