Some of the best apps to make life easier

The number of apps in every platform is increasing every day. From Android to iOS to How to make a video Diary in iOS with the moving images Windows, there are many apps which are making our life much easier. This article is the compilation of some of the best apps to help you get your works done faster.

  • Who Paid Last: This is the app for those who are the money collectors. This app keeps the track of all those people who have paid on the last day. Even it keeps the record of those who paid on the shared tabs. The user interface of the app is pretty decent. All it has to be done is to save the user’s name and the partner’s name, and then it keeps on the tracking record.
  • Shortcut Manager: Many tasks are performed over the browsers regularly. These tasks are usually manually done and the number of steps has to be initialized. This app provides the hot key shortcuts to these frequently performed tasks. The Shortcut Manager can be considered as the best tool for the Google Chrome.
  • uMark Online: When a proof of the Concept is being delivered to a client or a when a work is being shared online, the authentication is very important. And what can be a better authentication than a water mark. A simple text over the document can be very helpful from plagiarism. This is now possible without the desktop by the use of uMark Online.
  • VidShot Capturer: This app is most useful for those who work online to provide tips and tricks to solve the various problems related to the computers. The screenshots can best explain the problems but the places where it is not possible for the screen shots, screen casts are required and capturing screen casts with this app has become much easier.
  • Deep Sleep Battery Saver: Everyone nowadays is putting their eyes on every available features on the smart phone, such as the processing power, RAM, disk Space, battery life. But the one which is given the most importance is the battery life. The screens are becoming brighter with higher resolutions and with the incoming notifications, the battery life also decreases. This app comes very handy in these situations and help in consuming the right amount of the charge required.

These are some of the apps which help in day to day life. They are available for all platforms and are also for every utility.

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