A new update Windows 10 Build 20236 in Dev Channel is available now

The new Windows 10 Build 20236 Dev channel 21H1 version Features, improvements, and fixes.

Windows 10 Build 20236 in Dev Channel is available now

Microsoft is delivering another update today in Active Development Branch to the insiders. Windows 10 build 20236 is the release that includes some epochal fixes and features.  The rollout is for the 21H1 version and you can install it using automatic Windows update.

The build has a massive list of fixes

Windows 10 Build 20236 is available now

Windows 10 Build 20236 changelog –


In this update, you have the ability to change the refresh rate of your selected display. This can be done through – Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings. You might know that higher refresh rate provides for smoother motion. The displayed refresh rates can differ with the supported hardware.

Windows 10 Build 20236

Search experience improvement

The current build carries a change to display some of your recent searches to make them easy to get back to. This modification is rolling out server-side to everyone on v1809 and higher –

  • The current list bestows the last 4 items that you’ve searched for and opened from Windows Search Box, which can include apps, files, settings, and direct-nav URLs (for instance, like “bing.com”).
  • You can eliminate particular items in this list by clicking the “x” that displays when you hover your mouse over the items.
  • Furthermore, you are able to disable the Recent feature by turning off the Windows setting Search history on this device. This exists under Settings > Search > Permissions and History.
  • In case, you’ve not used the Search Box earlier and it is showing 0 recent items, the recent list will be hidden.
  • Lastly, in case, you don’t use the Search Box often and have fewer than 2 items in the recent list, an educational string will display in the area to let you know what types of items will appear in the list.
Search experience improvement

This modification is rolling out server-side to everyone on version v1903 and higher.

Changes and Improvements

The build is bringing an update for Microsoft Print to PDF option to trying to convert the given font glyph to Unicode. This will actually improve the accessibility of PDF for Narrator and other screen reader users, in the cases where Unicode is not provided by the printing application

Windows 10 Build 20236 Fixes

  1. Windows 10 Build 20236 fixed Microsoft Office is no longer available encountered by some insiders as unexpected Compatibility Assistant notification. The issue occured after installing new build.
  2. The Windows insider expert team fixed some MS Office applications that were missing or crashing after receiving update.
  3. They fixed the same app update installing repeatedly problem that occurred on the previous build.
  4. Furthermore, they have fixed DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bugcheck that was encountered by some insiders.
  5. They fixed UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION in dxgkrnl.sys bugcheck occurring in the ealier few builds.
  6. The build fixed 0x800F0247 error that occurred when installing driver updates.
  7. Active Development branch update fixed sihost.exe crashing problem The problem occurred when attempting to share an app through the Share option when right-clicking a tile in Start.
  8. The rollout fixed dragging a tile to another tile group in Start would result in the dragged tile no longer responding to the mouse click. The problem occurred when Animate controls and elements inside windows setting was disabled in Performance Options,.
  9. Development team solved the Narrator that sometimes read out an incorrect number of nodes in the Quick access pane of File Explorer. You may experience saying 1 of 2 items, instead of 1 of 4 items.
  10. They fixed the icon next to Scan with Microsoft Defender that is very small or large. This appearing on right-clicking a file in File Explorer.
  11. 21H1 build fixed the same icon was not updating to reflect high contrast when high contrast was enabled when right-clicking a file.
  12. Dev branch update fixed File Explorer crashing problem that occurred when renaming a file.
  13. Additionally, it fixed clicking on items in Timeline not launching the corresponding app problem happening in the previous few builds.
  14. The prerelease developers fixed the search box would disappear problem that occurred when scrolling the app even if it was supposed to stay visible.
  15. Intermittent connectivity loss occurred when connecting to a PC through remote desktop connection. Therefore, the connected PC attempting to sleep.
  16. Windows 10 build 20236.1000 fixed a problem where when using the API to discover services on the local network, the TTL value of the discovered service wasn’t used – instead of using the default value of 120 seconds.
  17. The rollout fixed Listen to this device checkbox state in microphone properties that weren’t persisted on upgrade and would revert to default.
  18. Moreover, the release fixed adjusting volume also muted/unmuted was open when in App volume and device preferences.
  19. The Microsoft developers’ team for insider fixed Network & Internet Settings Status page that could sometimes unexpectedly not displaying all current connections.
  20. They settled the cursor that was disappearing when typing into Command Prompt with a Chinese IME active.
  21. Further, they fixed the onscreen keyboard that sometimes not making any sounds while typing even though the setting to have sound while typing was enabled.
  22. Also, they fixed the French AZERTY OSK layout as a French keyboard that is missing number hint labels on the A/Z keys. Plus, the Select All/Undo labels were at the top rather than the bottom.
  23. The team fixed child keys on the Japanese 12-key touch keyboard layout that weren’t working according to the updated key design.
  24. In this update, they fixed the Narrator that was unexpectedly announcing Expressive Input Panel when you touched a text candidate on the touch keyboard.
  25. They fixed the touch keyboard that was getting stuck in a suspended state after waking a PC from sleep. Moreover, the issue was leading to it not invoking automatically when setting focus to a text field.
  26. They fixed the updated OSK design that was causing using Arabic the clipboard icon to appear on the wrong side of the copied text in the candidate bar.
  27. The insider experts team fixed the Thai touch keyboard layout. This was causing shift-state characters to place in inconsistent locations on the keys.
  28. They fixed Narrator wasn’t reading the category names in the Most Recently Used section problem that occurred when using the updated Emoji Panel design,.
  29. Also, they fixed the Emoji Panel when using the Narrator. Actually, it would then stay silent on navigating further to other emoji after inserting an emoji, .
  30. They fixed you couldn’t use the arrow keys to navigate through the gif section of the Emoji Panel.
  31. They fixed some contrast problems in the updated Emoji Panel and touch keyboard expressive input area that occurred when using high contrast.
  32. Also, they fixed the Voice Typing settings menu that was drawing off-screen.
  33. Finally, They fixed a regression that was breaking NVIDIA CUDA vGPU acceleration in WSL. You can see this GitHub thread for complete detail.

Known issues

  1. The tech giant is examining new applications that will fail to install with a Windows Installer service error on x86 systems however, Windows x64 isn’t affected.
  2. The specialists are trying to fix There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made error message that appears where when attempting to perform a Reset this PC using the Keep My Files option.
  3. The development team is studying the reports of the update process hanging for longer when trying to install a new build.
  4. Moreover, they testing to turn on new taskbar experience for the extant pinned sites. Although, you are still able to unpin the site from the taskbar by deleting it from edge://apps page, and then re-pinning the same.
  5. Also, they are working to solve KMODE EXCEPTIONstop error when using certain virtualization technologies.
  6. The team is actively working on a fix selecting an IME candidate or hardware keyboard text prediction candidate that may insert the candidate adjacent to the one selected.
  7. They are examining the taskbar that is obscuring the Power button in the Start menu as reported by some users.
  8. In Windows 10 Build 20236.1000 (rs_prerelease) Dev channel for 21H1 the team is reviewing reports from some Insiders that they’re encountering APC_INDEX_MISMATCH bugcheck.

Download Windows 10 insider preview Build 20230

Install insider SDK.

Source – Windows Experience blog.

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