Accessing your files in the MESH ONLINE STORAGE

Do you know this that Windows Live mesh has been closed on Feb 13, 2013, and the remote desktop, as well as the peer-peer syncing, has been stopped working? It has been also announced that by 13th Aug 2013 all the pending online files in the MESH would be deleted.

I you have still your important files in this Mesh Storage i.e. if you had stored your files in either of the “Mesh synced storage” or “SkyDrive synced storage”, it is the best time to remove it from there and have a copy of that file in your Laptop or desktop.

If you are still using this software, you might be getting some message like “Sorry, there is a problem with Windows Live Mesh Storage”.

If you have uninstalled the Live Mesh Storage or have stopped syncing them on your computer, use the given below steps to recover them back.

1)    Visit the “Synced folders Page” which is a temporary link. You have to use this as the old link has been removed and the address has been changed.

2)    Click there on the “View all synced folders”.

3)    After then, click on any folder to see the contents kept inside it.

4)    Now, if this is important to you click on each file to download it back to your computer.

If you are still having the problems, which I don’t think there would be, you can go to the Mesh Forums link of Microsoft.

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