Nokia Music Player App for Windows 8 / 10

There is a lot of music player software. One of the latest music players which have become very famous these days is Nokia Music Player. It is mainly created for the Windows 8 lovers. So, if you are passionate about using new things in Windows 8, you have come to the right place. We will guide you to the installation of Nokia player as well as its usage.


You can install by different methods. Some of them are mentioned below.

1)    Search Nokia Music Player app for the Windows 8 and then download it and install it after then.

2)    Open the Store Section in The Windows 8 and search for it. It will guide you how to install it in your pc step by step. The image of it is shown below.

Nokia Music for Windows 8

3)    Once the installation is being done, reopen the Nokia Music Player. It would show there that you own this app.

Running the Player

Now, as you own this software, you can simply run this application to enjoy the different section of this player.

Once you double click this app, it will ask your permission to gather all the songs present inside your Pc. You can either allow it or can manually choose it.

You can simply select the offline modes or the music stored in your computer.

You can also play it by using the internet i.e. the online mode, where you can use the music of YouTube, Facebook, and G-mail etc.

You can arrange the different music present inside it by your own desire. It is very flexible and very cozy to use.

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