Add Beautiful Appealing Frames to Photos using PhotoMontager

PhotoMontager is a Windows 8 free App used to create very unique, outstanding frames. This app is basically designed to add a beautiful and awesome frame to your Photos so that they can look more appealing from its previous time when they are without any frame. You can select your own frame and edit the photo you want using the editor provided in this App as well as apply various soothing effects to your pictures.

The interface of PhotoMontager app is designed in a very remarkable way. You can have a look at it in the below shown screenshot.

photomontager frame app

Look for this App in Windows 8 Store or you could just go to the downloading link provided at the last to go to its official website and could download it from there.

How to use this App

In this, you can see a lot of sections like Earth at Night photo frame, Orange Moon frames, Wood, Music Frame, and many others. Here, You select the one which suits your photo the best. This is the page where you could always find some new sets of frames present. Anyways, once you have selected the frame, and go further you see a large collection of categories present. They could be browsed by their names even.

Choose your own category for your photo and move forward. When you press on Next after selecting the Category, you will see a collection of the beautiful and marvelous class of frames of that category which you have selected. Again, select the one which well-suits.

Each  Frame has its own beauty. Add photos directly to the selected frame. You can use your own photos from the files or your webcam to take a new photo for being used in the frame.

How to Edit and Add Special Effects using PhotoMontager App

Once you have added photos to the selected frame, different special effects can be added or some photo editing could also be done. A screenshot of photo editing options is shown below:

photomontager frame app

You can use the above icons to do certain changes in the picture selected.  There are also some standard options like Add, Remove, Zoom in, Zoom out etc. After doing it, you could save it and go further. You also have the option of sharing this created frame directly to social media sites. Now, you can adjust the photo by framing. There is an option of preview before saving or sharing the photo. At last just press Go.

Key Features of PhotoMontager

  1. PhotoMontager is a Completely free App and very easy to use. 
  2. Supports favorite and secondary tiles.
  3. A large number of cool Unlocked frames.
  4. Different types of categories and beautiful themes.
  5. Facility of both i.e choosing photos from your files or taking pictures using your webcam.
  6. No promotion of ads which reduces the distraction and make this app look cool.


PhotoMontager is an amazing app especially when you are willing to add different kinds of frames to your pictures and want to make them look brighter and cooler. Special effects which are there in this App are very lovable. I think you will love this app.

Download PhotoMontager

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