How to Add Funny, Comic Effects to Photos on Windows 8 using Comic Tailor

Comic Tailor is a free App of windows 8 which is used to add several customizable icons on pictures by applying various comic effects on them. The sole purpose of this app is to make a comic page consisting of your and your friend’s photos. The layout of this app is kept very simple but attractive. This app allows you to create unique, funny comics and lets you share them with your friends on social media.

The User interface of this app is very promising and quite attractive. However, the choice of its background color is not that much fine. A screenshot of this App with some of its insight is shown below:

comic tailor

 How to use this App

Opening this app on your windows machine after its proper installation will launch its main window where you could find four sections which are: Tutorials, New Comic, Gallery Online and My Gallery. The meaning of each of the above term is self explanatory.

On clicking the new Comic, a new window will open asking you to select the template. There are a number of templates each with different designs of holding a picture. Select the one on which you want to adjust your photos. Once the selection of a template is done, it will ask you the selection of different other customizable icons like colors added to the photo. Different other things like the hat, glasses, mustache and others might also be customized on the photos.

The moment you have done all the above mentioned things, you are ready to add your own photos and the photos of your friends. Now, you will find here a lot of options shown in a picture below:

                               comic tailor

You can see here that you have several options like: deleting the selected picture. Note that this app provides you a feature of selecting multiple pictures in a single frame, thus imparting you the power to delete more than one picture in a single shot if you don’t like them. You can add pictures, icons, select filter, save comics, and many others doable things too on this app. When you are done with this, you can go further for advanced options and selecting filters. Here, you could also see a Preview of the comic you created too which could help you in deciding whether you are going the right way or the wrong way.

The last stage to the full development of the comic is the selection of adding texts, choosing its font, alignment, text color, and stroke color. Now, as you have created your best comic of the photos you have selected, you can either save the comic to your PCs or you could share it on your social media sites like: Fb, twitter.

You can use My gallery to save your all created comics. Once you have created a Comic Story, you could publish it using Online Gallery.

Key Features Of this App

  1. A completely free and very easy to use.
  2. Text clouds could be added to the photos.
  3. Used to make a comic page consisting of you and your friends.
  4. Pictures can be taken from the library or by the camera.
  5. Different Stylish icons could be added like mustache, hairs, glasses etc.
  6. Your social account could be login using this app to share the comic which you have made.
  7. The comic created can be saved in different formats like PNG, JPG and BMP.
  8. Supports multiple photo filters and multiple images in a single frame.
  9. Navigation in this app is very easy and simple.


Comic Tailor is an app that opens a new world of comics for you. Using this you can create a comic of your own by selecting your own personnel characters. The most important thing about this app is that this app is Ads free. You can have the access to this App under the Entertainment Category in Windows Store. You can also the below provided link to go to its official website and have it installed in your windows machine.

Downloading Link: Comic Tailor

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