How to add Logo to Video using Windows Live Movie Maker

Logo gives identification to a video. Everyone wants a logo on his video. By logo you can design your own channel trailer and get more subscribers, visits, likes and comments on your YouTube videos. Your video looks more attractive with logo. After adding logo to any video you can also avoid the copyright claims of YouTube. You can add logo to your video using windows live movie maker. If you want to download live movie maker click on this link.

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Follow the following tips to add a logo to video using windows live movie maker: –

  1. Open windows live movie maker and click on “browse photos and videos option” at the right side of the software.
  2. Then choose a video which you want to add logo.
  3.  After that click on caption option in the home section
  4. Then a box appears on your video. On that box write your logo name and edit it’s color, font, transparency and size.
  5. Then you see an option named text duration. Maximize it as same as your video length.

Thus, you have done.

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