All about messaging on a Windows 8 / 10 phone

Smartphones today are known for the ease with which they perform the tasks. They can take up any difficult task and perform it in minutes owing to their fast processors and a bunch of other features. A feature that everyone wants to get away with is messaging. Sending SMS, MMS, emails and even the social network are becoming easier every day. There are dedicated apps coming up every day for the same. But some issues still prevail like on Blackberry, the scrolling wheel is a bit clumsy and the keyboard is a bit smaller to type. These are many of the issues which have been focused upon on a Windows 8 phone and have been developed so that sending a message becomes just as easy as pressing a call button.

SMS and the MMS messaging: Windows 8 Phone easily launches the SMS and the MMS message servicing owing to the native apps especially for this purpose. There are a host of features that deal very well with the SMS and the MMS formats, such as the normal messaging and the multimedia messaging which deals with the sending of the attachments such as the videos, audios and the files which the user can simply add by pressing the attachment button. The touch experience on a Windows 8 phone has enhanced the experience. Every other feature has a button that activates just with a tap. The threads can be deleted by tapping the Delete Thread option while the main menu can be accessed for the message settings. There are various settings that can be made like whether to configure backups of text messages, whether to decide to get notification alerts of successful message delivery, and even toggle the integration of Facebook chat.

Integration of the Facebook messaging: Windows have always struggled to be in the race with the other smartphone giants in the field of social network integration and they faired very well. The features which totally integrate the contacts with the online social networking sites are the reason to get a Windows 8 phone. It requires a little configuration of the phone to integrate the Facebook account with the contacts and there the People Hub will display updates from social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and it can even be decided whether to include Facebook chat or not.

Sending a Text message with a voice: The voice control options on the Windows 8 phone are very impressive where voice control has been integrated to messaging. The user can use the voice to send text messages. Small phrases like “send”, “add more” or “try again” can be spoken to the phone which follows the instructions very efficiently.

Third Party messaging apps:  There are bunch of third party applications on a Windows 8 phone for messaging, like the Skype, Whatsapp where the chat groups can be created, eBuddy which is very much similar to Whatsapp, Pairingo And the KiK Messenger which are used for sending text messages along with picture sharing over the cross-network platforms.

Overall, it can be concluded the messaging has become a pleasure with a Windows 8 phone.

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