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How to Clean Phone Memory on Android

How to How to Clean Phone Memory on Android Uninstall Apps Image 7 The smartphone is your best friend and life gets to a standstill without it! But people out there find their handsets giving a sluggish performance and even reaches a stage where a change of device becomes necessary. In such situations, users opt to get more memory space or add an SD card to boost storage space. […]

How to Mine Bitcoin on Android

How to Mine Bitcoin on Android Image 3 Here we will discuss a way in the context of How to Mine Bitcoin on Android. Cryptocurrency mining has been the most trending topic in recent years. People can now follow an alternative way to earn a  considerable amount of revenue by mining bitcoin. However, complex calculations are required in order to do this task […]

Fix: “This Version of WhatsApp became obsolete”

This Version of Whatsapp became obsolete Pic 1 WhatsApp users with Android devices find a nagging error This Version of WhatsApp became obsolete. This strange message doesn’t disappear until the messenger app is reinstalled again. Uninstalling might be dangerous as the messages contain important files, pictures, videos and all. However, a little manual tweak can stop the issue from showing up and help the […]

How to Fix All Items Right Aligned on Android

All Items Right Aligned on Android photo 1 Recently, I found a weird problem on my Android phone. Texts on Settings, Contacts, Whatsapp were showing right aligned and images were appearing at the right end. Reading the text on my mobile phone was uncomfortable after the change of arrangement. But thankfully, getting the original alignment back was so easy and after a setting change, […]

How to Stay Awake Phone Screen While Charging on Android

How to Stay Awake Phone Screen While Charging on Android pic 6 Many users want the Phone Screen to Stay awake while Charging on Android. Display of a device turns off after certain moments when you leave it idle. This activity is controlled by the setting ‘Sleep after seconds of inactivity’.  When you plug in power cable of your device, it usually follows this period. But if you need to […]

How to Use Microsoft Edge on Android

How to Use Microsoft Edge on Android image 1 You will find here all the customization methods to use Microsoft Edge on Android. The web browser is claimed to be lightning fast and now available across multiple operating systems. So it is relevant to discuss the ways you will play the application like install, set up, change theme, Text size, Default Search Engine, Clear Browsing […]

How to Update Text-Based Status in WhatsApp

How to update Text-Based status in WhatsApp pic 2 WhatsApp includes the all new exciting attributes where you can update Text-based status. WhatsApp Messenger is a no cost and cross-platform messaging service for all sorts of smartphones. This popular software takes help of the Internet to provide services like voice and video calls, messages, photos, and loads of other

How to Find Misplaced Phone At Home

Find Misplaced Phone At Home image 1 Method and Steps to Find Misplaced Phone At Home. – It is an everyday occurrence that I the place my Android Phone very securely and Slip up its location. If it’s your trouble too then don’t worry since now you can easily get informed where your mobile is. An application in Stores (Google play and iTune) helps you […]