Aptus FonB Software to Manage Asterisk Phonebook and Highrise CRM

Aptus telecom is soon to launch a software ‘FonB’ that will take care of all your Asterisk phonebook by providing integration between various utilities and bringing them under your Asterisk IP phone. This will allow your firm and it’s people to operate from a single phonebook. At the same time, it will keep your privacy concealed. Let’s have a look at the features that will be provided in the Aptus FonB software.

(i) Four types of Phonebooks

Other similar unified phonebook solutions of the market let you have only the most regular of the corporate contact list. With FonB you can have 4 contact lists viz. High rise Contacts, Google Contacts, Office Extensions and Private Contacts. Thus with more options you have more flexibility in your operations and the ease of switching from one to the other.

(ii) Phonebook privacy

Personal contacts are always meant to be away from the public eyes. Aptus FonB allows the firm’s employees an option to unify their personal contacts with the FonB software. They can reassured of the fact that not even the company’s top officials will have access to their private contact list. This also includes individual Google contacts.

(iii) Phonebook expansion

New contacts can be added by the user to the contact list in fewer clicks.

(iv) Importing contacts to FonB

You may want to import contacts from another source say, Microsoft Outlook to your FonB list. FonB allows that option as you can export or import as many contacts as you wish. In case identical entries are made, the latest entry will be kept and the other will be deleted. This keeps your contacts organised automatically.

(v) Highrise CRM sync offered

FonB has been specifically created to help companies integrate Highrise CRM with FonB so that it becomes easy to monitor daily business communication and thus increasing your profits through careful analysis. FonB incorporates your Highrise CRM contacts in itself.

(vi) Upload notes and monitored calls to Highrise

Customer care executives require to listen to recorded interactions between customers and CC representatives to analyze grievance redressal. With FonB it has become all the easier. Now any important note about a particular call and a recorded call can be uploaded on the CRM Highrise. It can access both on FonB and CRM. You can also add additional notes to the specified call for someone else’s reference.

(vii) Identify corporate and personal calls

Since FonB has both personal and corporate contacts, it is necessary that you identify which incoming call is personal or corporate. This is easy to know through FonB because corporate calls are all tagged as Highrise. This keeps them aloof from personal calls.

(viii) Quickdial options

FonB has Quickdial options for Highrise calls thus saving your precious time. It also provides a direct link to all Highrise calls so that you don’t waste your time entering a new URI to access the contacts.

(ix) Call history review

Aptus FonB has a simple and easy to use call history UI that makes for easy reviewing of call history. Each call is attached with individual details including the corresponding call notes and recordings.

(x) Removal of confusing CDR

Other solutions have you frustrated with useless CDR fields but not FonB. The required call info is presented in a readable and easily usable format that is not hard to navigate.Also you need not maintain a separate CDR server.

(xi) For team management

Team management has a need to keep your company on the right track. So with FonB you can easily monitor and analyze calls made by team members in a few clicks.

(xii) Switching calls

FonB allows you to switch between calls that make your work easier to manage. Since FonB is web based soft phone, it actually displays all your active calls, those through IP phone or mobile.

(xiii) Identical entries

It may so happen that a single phone number has many contact names attached to it. FonB maintains such identical contacts as a single contact but the individual entries are maintained still. Place your cursor over the icon and the various names are displayed.

(xiv) Switching devices

You have received a call on the IP phone, but your net connection is slow. FonB has been developed to tackle such situation. Instead of hanging up an important call, FonB allows you to switch a call from net to mobile or vice versa for your convenience.

(xv) Easy number rewrite

For entering a contact you may have to add access code separately for each call. Or you have to delete the international prefix from local numbers saved in international database. With FonB you have a ‘Number rewrite pattern’ that modifies numbers to a specific dialing pattern. Thus a single rule can be applied to a group of numbers.

(xvi) Turn browser to web phone

FonB presents you a webphone that can be used from your web browser. It keeps your calls active even if you reload a tab. Thus your web browser is turned into a web phone.

Update: Aptus FonB Software has is now free for 5 users.

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