How to backup the lost data on Mac

There are many instances when the data stored on a personal computer can be lost. Important information such as the legal documents, office stuff or the personal favorite stuff once lost cannot is very painful. This article gives you an insight of what to do when such instance happens and how to cope up with the problems to get back the lost data. This article is basically intended for the Mac users. There are various ways in Mac with which the lost data can be backed up. Though these ways do not ensure a 100% success, but the ways in Mac are quite intriguing and there are surely places from where data can be brought back.

  • From Email messages: All the files especially the emails and the documents along with the attachments are stored securely on the server if there is the presence of the IMAP based service on the email. This service requires the user to have the information on the IMAP email accounts, which should be entered on the email client or web-mail system and all the mails come back to the system.
  • iCloud Sync: The iCloud should be used for all the emails, reminders, calendars and even bookmarks. If all the information is present over there, then only with few efforts all such information can be restored back to the computer. For this visit System Preferences > iCloud where the user can sign in to the account and get back all the information stored online.
  • iTunes Purchases: The iTunes store is literally the online shopping world in the context of Mac. There are many things to choose for. And the most important feature is that once any product is bought from the iTunes store, it can be downloaded again and again. Thus, even if the important apps and the games have been lost, they can be recovered. And creating an account in the iTunes match also helps downloading music easy.
  • Cloud Services: Storing information online is also a very good idea. These are possible from network giants such as DropBox and Google Play. These can be used to store work related and entertainment files which can be downloaded anytime.
  •  iPhone and its data: All the information can be backed up to the iPhone and they can be imported back very easily to the Mac. Once the iPhone is connected to the Mac, it asks for the fetching of all the images, which can be recovered back, but this is not possible with the music. There is a tool for fetching the music: Ecamm Network which can be used to backup the music.

Thus, next time the best way to keep a backup is to store all the files on an external hard drive. This will be the most protective way.

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