Best iPhone and iPad Apps this Week

SquiggleFish, Onavo Protect, Angry Birds Friends, Evomail, Ukulele Songbook: The Beatles, Toontastic Jr. Shrek, Closer UK, Piano Mania and more. These apps range from being freemium to premium. Lets have a look at some of them:

SquiggleFish (£1.49): This app being the most innovative and entertaining for the children. It brings the physical and the digital world together. The children are required to draw a fish on the white paper and scan it using the iPad’s camera , they would see their fish come alive in the virtual water world on screen.

Angry Birds Friends (Free): This app is a no new addition to the Angry Birds world. It had been in the market for quite a long time now. People can compete against their Facebook friends and earn rewards. What a better way to spend some time with the friends.

Evomail (£1.99): The main aim of the developers for these type of the apps is to help the users get a clutter free use of their inboxes and others. It is presently one of the best email client for use with an iPad.

Ukulele-songbook-the-beatles(£1.49): For all those music lovers, this app is a divine. It teaches how to play. This app has been created by Musicroom and it also features chords, lyrics and much more.

Toontastic Jr. Shrek (£1.99): This app is for all those ardent Shrek fans. They can use the characters to create their own stories, record their own narrations, use the sceneries and even collaborate with family and friends over the internet.

Ginger’s Birthday (Free): who does’nt love the Talking Ginger and the rest of Outfit7’s Talking Friends characters (Talking Tom Cat, Talking Angela etc) and children are no different. This birthday app is a delight and you can blow candles and feed gingers.

Elmo the Musical – Storyteller (£0.69): (Sesame Street’s Elmo), an equivalent to the Shrek app where stories can be made and narrations can be recorded. This is a pure delight app.

Traktor DJ for iPhone (£2.99) :  it was released by native instrument at the beginning of 2013. The old features of DJing have been discarded and a host of brand new features have been added.

Zeds – Play Your Dreams (Free): The presenters of this game Channel 4 claim it to be the most intrigiung one. Interestingly, this game is related to the real life sleep where the sleep records are recorded and these turn into action swipes. It along with being a game is also a sleep regulator.

Homestyler (Free): The app is created by Autodeskand its main aim is to help in Home improvement. This app turns your ideas into a digital world. You can take the image of your room and then paint the walls and place the 3d furniture to check out how they look before you can take the action in your own room.

Lingualia – Language Courses (Free): This app is for Spanish and the English courses teaching the vocabulary, grammatical rules and expressions. You can increase your fluency with the daily activities.

Stay tuned for latest apps.

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