How to Backup WhatsApp Message on Android Phone

How to Backup WhatsApp Message on Android Phone – Backup and Restore are the essential activities to keep functions of your system in extreme condition. Loosing stored contents leave users in a precarious condition. To always be at a safer side, it is required to take Backup of all essential files before shutting down your system. It is seen, Android phone users set WhatsApp as their default messaging client.

WhatsApp is relatively cheap to normal text messaging and multimedia support applications. To keep regular touch with your dear or near one, you need to create Backup of  WhatsApp messages. Now, I am pointing all essential steps to create the backup of WhatsApp messages. There are two ways to back up your WhatsApp messages.

By these ways, you can create the backup of all conversation on your SD card and restore them after reinstalling WhatsApp. Let us see how these methods shape up: –

  • Open WhatsApp application and go to chats page.
  • At chat page, select Settings and navigate to chat preferences.
  • In chat preferences, you need to tap the Chat History backup option. Then, App will overwrite on the old backup. You cannot make multiple backups.
  • After re-installing, You can restore the app.

Another method for Backing up Message threads in WhatsApp is quite easy to run. To make the backup of messages, Open WhatsApp application and access Chats page. Then after select Email chat history option and select chat thread, which you like to create backup. Then the app will ask to attach all the media from your SD Card. You may choose any of the mail apps and Wi-Fi connectivity to upload all the media files to your email account. The particular mail backup can’t be restored on the devices. Only you can store all medial attachments to the clouds.

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