Bell Office to Manage Text Files, Time, BookMark, Photos on Windows 8

Bell Office is a software package comprising of the smart collection of all the necessary items of common use when you are working on your desktop or laptop. With so many integrated features into a single software it can be used by users who appreciate the value of management of tasks when it comes to deal with them, and this is an apt software for such kind of planning and execution. Bell Office is a free software and compatible with Windows 8.

The interface is similar to many such that you already have used. It is user-friendly and can be dealt with ease and comfort. There are no sophisticated settings that are required for the working of this software.

Different Things to know About Bell Office app

Some of the features of the utilities that are present in the software are discussed below:

1. Advanced RTF Editor: A nice word editor with all the advanced features like photo insertion and table to create a file in an official format to save text files. It’s pretty simple to use if you have used word editors before. Below is a screenshot of the interface of the editor.

bell office for windows 8

2. Timetable Manager: A useful utility to manage your task with a timetable. It enables you to make a timetable for any day of the week in advance. If you are handling number of tasks in a day this utility can help you preparing for it and adjusting to the schedule.

3. Reminder Manager: Another important utility which is commonly required to list things that you think you might need a reminder for them. In a busy schedule there are a lot of things that you might attend to and miss certain others that might as well be significant. You can set a reminder without specific dates in this manager.

4. Bookmarks Manager: While working with so many tabs at a time you might find it difficult to manage or save it thus adding an extra burden to search for it again. This bookmark app is free and can be used to store up to 15 files or internet links for future reference.

 5. Photo Viewer: A nice photo viewer in which you can see the images that you have already stored in your device in slideshow or full screen mode. The images can also be rotated and saved. This gives you the facility of seeing how your photo looks like before saving it to your computer.

6. Event Manager: It’s a free app inside Bell Office which you can use to manage your events by noting it down on this utility with specific dates and timings with others so that you can prepare accordingly and efficiently for them. To enter the events you just have to select the date and type in the details of the event and timings after which it will be displayed whenever the software is open.

bell office for windows 8

This is all you need to work with this software in a time-saving way.

Conclusion: Bell Office is good in terms of the wide variety of features that it has but it still has a number of areas where it can be enhanced. Overall it’s a nice software to have in your device.

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