10 Amazing Things about Smartphone You have not Heard

We use our smartphones generally for calling, messaging, surfing internet, downloading songs, photos, videos etc. These days smartphones have become a magical machines with a lot of exciting apps which could transform them into musical instruments or games consoles, business machines or cat video players.  However, did you know you could do a lot more uses with your smartphone. It might be that you are unaware of all these amazing things.

Here are a 10 Amazing Things You have not Heard about Smartphone: 

1. Remote Control Using your Smartphone

There are some fantastic apps present in the App store of your android devices. One beautiful feature among them is that you could use your smartphone as remote control device. To track of each one is a big task, and to track of all remotes to establish control over them, is more tuff. Remote Control is a solution that’s been around for some time. Yeah, this is true. you could control different gadgets using your smartphones handsets like: DVR of your computer, a high end digital Camera etc. This feature could also be used for impressing your friends by remote controlling keynote presentations and the PowerPoint.

10 Amazing Things about Smartphone

2. Saving the Rainforests

Using your smartphones, you could use one of its nice application and i.e. detecting chainsaws. It is a serious business. The non profiting organisation in Indonesia Rainforest Connection wants to use donated Android phones to detect illegal logging. According to the scientists, the new phones are outfitted with the solar panels which is designed to take the advantage of the brief periods when light reaches the forest floor. The microphones present with the officers is turned ON all the time, and the software present in the smartphones listens  for any growl of a chainsaw. If it hears any such sound, it triggers an alert all over the forest.

3. Stitch photos together

Using the Photosynth application of smartphones, you could easily stitch photos together and create visual panoramas. This app could also be used to create a 360 degree images to show off a house or an apartment or to construct stunning panoramic views. 3D modelling could also be performed using this app.


4. In the detection of chemical warfare attacks

US department of homeland Security is trying to use smartphones as anti-chemical warfare softwares. It aims to persuade manufacturers to equip the recent smartphones to be launched with some of the cheap chemical sensors which could be later used a anti chemical warfare. A buck of sensors are going to be used. If lashed with this new types sensors, your smartphones could detect from certain leaks to gas attacks as well. However, this idea has not been implemented yet as the US Company is still figuring whether this app is practically feasible in a smartphone.

5. Live TV

Live TV is now playing a crucial role in our daily lives. Now, we don’t need to sit before a Television for watching our favorite channel or serial. We could see all the left episodes as soon as we are free from our work. All we have to do is to have a live TV on our laptop or PC. These days, smartphones are too providing live tv which is really an exciting thing. A lot of the local service providers as Comcast, Verizon and others as well as telephone providers (Sprint) presents apps to live streaming content to a smartphone. You could easily download some apps like netTV or TVUPlayer. The image as well as sound quality both are of good quality in these apps.

Download Live TV here: 



6. Warnings about speed traps

You could use the Trapster app in your smartphones to get the proper knowledge about the speed traps, hidden cameras and many other roadway hazards. The speed with which your vehicle is moving could also be monitored in a proper way. This app gives you an early warning of red lights as well as other potential dangers. You could get this app from the link provided below:


7. Monitoring Heart Rate using smartphones

You could download an amazing app from the link provided below by Azumio. It is compatible with your smartphones. This is generally used for your smartphone’s camera which could be used to measure your pulse and calculate the heart rate of your body. It could also be used for measuring the fat burning ability as well as how your heart rate recovers after exercise quickly. This is one of the fantastic app and its results are completely reliable.


8. Have an Eye on your kids

Tracking your child is a very good thing these days to save them from upcoming different types of problems. There are various types of apps present in the market which allows you to have an eye on your kids activities without any suspicion. You could remotely check  in on the whereabouts of another smartphone using GPS tracking. There are some apps for the smartphones which could send you an alert when that smartphone enters or leaves any designated area. Some of the apps with their names are written below:



9. Smartphone Metal detectors 

There comes some sensors for your android device which after installation could be used as a metal detectors. It could be very handy to use a metal detector in your pockets. It helps in many situations like: when you, as an emergency physician, have an unconscious patient come in and you need to know whether he has an implant. It helps you in a lot of places. There is one weakness here and i.e. the sensors are not made to detect metals from a long distance which if implemented could be of greater use. However,  this is an interesting example of the useful unintended consequences of having this app in your smartphone.

10.  Stop Embarrassing phone calls

It is sometimes that we wish not to contact certain persons for some period of times without letting him know that you have restricted his numbers. You could do this thing right from your handset using certain application of your smartphones like Designated Dialer. You could simply block some persons by whom you don’t want to receive calls or messages. This could be used by girls for blocking their ex-boyfriends calls as well as some other calls too. However, note that unlocking any blocked number requires a mini quiz to be passed out or sobriety test.



Besides all the above mentioned 1o amazing things, there are some other surprising application of smartphones too like: checking in for flights (no more printing out tickets at home or waiting annoying lines!), setting your DVR remotely (if you’re local provider allows it), and ordering food on my way home so dinner’s waiting for me (Seamless Mobile has been a lifesaver for me!). For some of the more advanced functions of a smartphone, you may have to purchase add-ons. That’s what all of the following functions have in common. All the above mentioned things are tried on different smartphone and is reliable. Use them and get to know about them in details.

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