Best and Free Anti-theft Laptop Recovery software for Windows

Stolen laptops are seldom recovered. But, it is possible if you are using an anti-theft software in your laptop. Now few so useful and the best anti-theft software are available on web that you can recover your lost or stolen laptop simply. More important matter is that these softwares are free of cost.
Best and Free Anti-theft Laptop Recovery Software Working On Windows:

These software are planned for individual purpose in order to trace laptop’s location. When software are installed in windows version, it runs often in the background mode and for this unknown to the thief. But you should know that the laptop should be connected to the Internet before you have decided to trace the location of the stolen laptop. These best and free software are:

1.  IPFetcher

IPFetcher is a fast and user-friendly free of cost software. It occupies laptop IP address and displays it in the software. IP-Address varies when the laptop is shifted to another location. But, IP Fetcher mails the IP address to you while the laptop is login after it is stolen. Then you can identify the exact street address on the Google Powered map through new IP address.

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1.  LAlarm

LAlarm is a free software for Windows that contains alarm security features. It produces an easy to hear sound or alarm while a thief attempts to take a laptop. The software helps to retrieve it without problems. But, it is the point how does the software performs this action. Actually, LAlarm software works with a sensor that uses the USB port or power port of your laptop to find if your machine is being cheated.

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2.  Laptop Lock

You may use free data protection and computer recovery service to keep your essential files safe and recover your laptop if theft. To do so, you need to register a new account at first. Then install the Laptop Lock agent software on your laptop. In this case, follow the instructions after reading the matter after clicking the link below. If your laptop is stolen then login to your account and mark it as stolen. As soon as the laptop is connected to Internet, the ongoing actions will help you to get it back.

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