Best apps for Sending Fax using Android and iOS Device

I have already discussed on Hello, an  online free fax service. This service helps you to send faxes from computers over the internet and no need to use a traditional fax machine. You also know the value of Smartphone at this time. Using Smartphone, you can handle several difficult tasks in short times. During the office time, a Smartphone is most powerful and helpful device because it lets you check your email, start chatting service, send and receive a voice call, browse the web and many other things.

Now some best handy Smartphone fax apps are available for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS Devices like iPhone and iPad. You can use it for completing your business needs quickly. The Smartphone Fax apps will let you to send and receive faxes using your Smartphone without wasting time at the office time and no need to fax machine.

Best Fax apps for sending android
  • The main advantage of Smartphone fax app, you will receive the fax immediately at the office or in other public place.
  • The fax app is great for those Smartphone users who pact with sensitive documents and need to know alert time like when they receive a fax.
  • Security is also an additional feature for using your Smartphone as a fax machine. For example, Faxing app is safer than a fax machine when you receive a fax on your Smartphone and only you will view it.
Best Fax apps for Android, iPhone

There is abundance of feature- rich fax apps for your Smartphone that you can try out. Now, let’s take a look below given list of fax apps for both Android and iOS users.


The EFAX app offers an easy user interface that lets anyone to send and receive faxes in a few second. To use eFax app, firstly you have to create a new account on the eFax website and download trial version or a paid version. One remarkable feature of eFax app is Smartphone users can add digital signatures into documents. This app proves as user-friendly for those Smartphone users who often receives contracts and other sensitive documents. Because eFax will not allow to printing a document or scan without your permission.




The app offers 30 days free use of trial versions. After the trial period ended, users will have to pay a subscription fee for the purpose of use.


If you are searching for a good-looking Smartphone fax app then iFax is the prefect choice. The user interface of iFax app is straightforward. You can send faxes or documents, receive faxes. The iFax app lets you to send documents in the form of emails over the web or from your Smartphone. You can also edit them by entering text or a signature.


Remember that you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to get an advantage from iFax service.



Free Fax Apps For  Android

  • Mobile Fax Free
  • Files Anywhere

Free Fax Apps For  iOS Devices like iPhone and iPad

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