iOS 7 Features – Anti Theft Protection, iTune Radio, Notification Center

Apple is recognized famous mobile brand in the tech world for a long time. Similar to Android, Apple has its own mobile OS and it is called iPhone operating system (iOS). The iOS 7 is termed as the latest version of the Apple mobile OS. This new Apple version is offering some rocking update features which are fairly different from iOS 6 or its older version. After review the new iOS 7 Smartphone, I have found several new features and changes.

ios 7 new features

The New User Interface

The main design of iOS 7 device is considered quietly different from its previous versions. Every new changes are found within icons and fonts. iOS 7 also added a new feature in the user interface which is called parallax effect for backgrounds. It lets you to view depth every time while you transform the direction of your iPhone.

Control Center

Control Center in iOS 7 has offered transparent background, reflecting the current using wallpaper on the screen. The available toggles are used to tweak things like airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, Do Not Disturb, Screen brightness, music control bar and orientation lock. Besides, you can access many default apps for example Clock, Camera, Calculator and flashlight from here. To access the Control Center in iOS 7, simply by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

Updated Safari Browser

The updated Safari for iOS 7 device looks distinguish from Chrome iPhone browser app. You can arrange many tabs. A full screen browsing mode helps you to scroll down the webpage during surfing.  A new smart search bar and advanced bookmarking option are also present within the updated safari browser. Like the desktop version of Safari browser, iOS 7 updated browser will start with iCloud Keychain and Enhanced Parental Controls.

Smart Multitasking 

The multitasking tray has vanished in iOS 7 and changed by a set of cards that stand for running apps similar to windows phone 8. The multitasking cards can be started with double-tapping Home button and it is the equivalent as earlier iOS versions. To close any running app, simply swipe upwards on its related card. The iOS 7 is now more capable in order to keep updated the content of apps automatically. The remarkable point is that yours iOS 7 device battery life won’t decrease during WI-Fi usage or battery charging the device.

Notification Center

Similar to Android, iOS 7 will let you to navigate notification through the lock screen. The notification center is able to be seen with a simple gesture. In the notification center interface, iOS 7 user finds a new Today service app. It provides users to aware short review over future weather, traffic, meetings and events. The notification center interface displays three separate tabs that show notifications of current day.

ITunes Radio

The iTunes Radio app has been added within iOS 7 version with enhanced music streaming. The whole function of iTunes Radio is similar to Google Play Music. This new Music app is free and ad-supported. You can listen from over 200 online stations and other iTunes Store entries or create on your own by selecting a genre provided by the service itself. iTunes Radio also allows you to purchase songs if you like to keep them in your device for offline playback.

Apps Near Me

The default App Store for iOS 7 is Apps Near Me. It presents a couple of new features also. The Store is able to display apps that are connected to your existing place in some mode. There are also special age-based categories available which can assist users to search and install suitable apps for their kids.

Camera and Photos app

The camera app of iOS 7 device is able to work by gestures. You have to swipe across the screen to toggle between capture modes. These models carry on things like photo, video, panorama, square and still. The last two modes also support a group of image effects for photo editing.

Newest Photos app in iOS 7 has come with major enhancement with a large choice of new filters. This app sorts out your captured videos and photos automatically on the basis of time and place in new ways. The newest Photos app supports zoom in / out feature to quick look all entries appropriately. For sharing the photo albums or streaming the shared images, iCloud sharing option is also available with the new improvements.

Activation Lock to Protect from theft

Smartphone theft is becoming a serious problem.  iOS 7 has added a new protection feature to get instant access about this problem. IOS 7 users can improve the experience using Find My Phone app. A new feature namely activation lock are confirms that no one uses your lost iPhone without entering your Apple ID and password after wiping all the data. You can also show your personal phone number on the device screen remotely.

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