Best Facebook Apps for Android with Download Links

Facebook, the largest social-networking website with countless active users is an ever-growing family. There are tons of Facebook apps in very OS. So, introducing below are some of the best apps for Android OS. Besides this, some apps have been also described in previous posts written under title Best Android Apps download free.

  • Facebook for Android: This is the basic Facebook app for every android phone. It feels as if the user is always together with his friends. Some of the stunning features of this app are posting status updates directly from home screen, reviewing of the upcoming events, uploading photos, sharing links, checking out news feeds, checking out friends walls for updates, posting likes, watching videos, checking messages and many more.

Download Facebook for Android

  • Facebook Messenger: It is an instant messenger. It helps in sending and receiving messages to any friend on Facebook around the world and even from the contact list. This app is also available for iOS and Blackberry.

Download Facebook messenger

  • Go! Chat for Facebook: It helps in chatting with friends, sharing photos and videos and posting updates directly via Facebook chat.

Download Go! Chat for Facebook

  • Friend Caster for Facebook: This app gives a best experience of Facebook for the users of the Android OS.

Download Friend Caster for Facebook

  • Facebook Funny Status: termed as an ultimate companion for the Facebook App, it gives a real pleasure of using the Facebook. This is a sure shot app to enhance the experience of the Facebook.

Download Facebook Funny Status

  • Video to Facebook:  This app really makes the task of posting videos on the Facebook easier. The videos taken from the phone can directly be posted on Facebook account, on pages, or groups added to the account. Even, the privacy settings can also be changed to select the people who can view it.

Download Video to Facebook

  • Facebook Check-in: This is the best-rated app for Android devices. It has smart Check-in places, which automatically post where the person is present at a particular moment.

Download Facebook Check-in

  • Photo for Facebook: The photos can be viewed, edited, posted, tagged, and everything can be done which can be thought of. It gives the ultimate Facebook experience.
  • Simple Facebook chat: It allows the usage of Facebook chat from Android devices.

Download Simple Facebook chat

  • Facebook Friends Checker: This app is the best one to keep a track of the Friends list, of who are new friends added every day and who are the ones blocking. This is a very basic app for the Android users.

Download Friends checker App
Hope these apps enhance the Facebook Experience.

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