Follow 6 Best Tips for better Computing

Operating a computer system smoothly is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of patience in organizing it for smooth running. The problem arises when the antivirus programs are not running regularly, when the folders are not organized, and they get filled with viruses and when everything is kept disorganized. This article will help you recognize the problems and will help you with better computing.

Organizing folders properly: people rather work in haste and make a huge mistake of keeping wrong files in wrong folders and it becomes difficult afterward to locate a particular folder or a file. Follow these tips:

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  • The foremost thing is to decide which of the files are more important and which are useless. This gives a clear view of which should be kept and which should be deleted. The files must be prioritized.
  • Creating folders: A good part of the time spent on computer must be spent on thinking a good method of naming the folders. For example, the images can be stored in the folder named Images; the .ppt .xls .doc .txt files can be stored in the folder named My important office documents. This gives more sense to the files being stored, and it becomes easier to retrieve them back.
  • Hard disk maintenance: The hard disk maintenance is very important as it organizes all files and creates more space which helps in the efficient running of the system. The two utilities included in Windows are the Disk Cleanup and the Disk Derangement. The former one creates more space on the hard disk by compressing the existing files while the later one organizes the files scattered across the hard disk by scanning its fragments. The decision should be taken by the users on how to run these utilities. It is strongly recommended to run them once a month.
  • Using system restore: System restore is very important for every computer user as the files however simple they might be they can be very important. The working files may be lost during a power cut or due to other failures such as virus attacks. This utility stores the settings, files and preferences and can be used when some unexpected event happens. The computer system is brought back to the original state like the way it was before damage. Although, this is a good way of storing data but it is better if the backup files are kept in external devices preferentially an external hard disk or a DVD.
  • Keeping the windows and MS Office updated: who wants to work on outdated systems and software. The Operating systems are regularly improved, and newer versions of the software are released. So, it is better if one keeps on updating them. The programs are improved based on customer’s feedback. So the problems faced in the previous versions might get solved if regular updates are made.
  • Running the antivirus software: When internet connection is used, or CDs, DVDs, or pen drives are inserted from one system to another, they might affect the computer system with the viruses. The Trojans may be harmless, but some potential viruses might corrupt the system or may steal information. These must be regularly removed. So, a good antivirus program must be installed and must be run regularly to keep the system running smoothly.

Hence, following these tips will ensure you a very smooth computer system.

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