Best tips to make your Blog Popular

Blogging is an established web activity that initially started as a hobby, but soon gained a position as a profession and in a lot of cases, it is the only occupation of a person. While deciding to take up blogging as a profession or hobby and starting a regular blog is not difficult, getting enough people on the net reading your blog is something every blogger wishes and puts her/his efforts to do the same.

Making your blog popular overnight is definitely not possible unless you are already a known name in the world of journalism or writing. Thus the only way, a debutante blogger can make her/his blog known and popular subsequently is by putting trust in their abilities and doing a bit of research. Something that can be suggested for a start is, reading the blogs of a few famous bloggers on the Internet.

A simple Google search comes up with the names of those bloggers who have made a name for themselves in the world of blogging. If you care to go through their blogs, you will find that there is hardly anything common in their writing styles. Thus, you get the first tip for enhancing your blogs. Keep your writing style as different and distinct as possible. People love variety and a different writing style will definitely attract them to your blog.

As you are into blogging, your blog subjects can be anything under the Sun. If we assume that you are writing a blog on the most routine or boring topics as healthcare, education or cosmetics then you expect only visitors who require information or opinion on such topics.

You might afford to keep the content plain and straightforward, but I would suggest that if a blogger manages to bring a little spice and humour even while writing on such subjects then that might interest just anyone to read your blog. Agreed that you are the most accurately informed person on a particular topic, but the web being an interactive medium, it is not just the information that matters, but it’s effective communication to the other side. While you should make your blog interactive and a use a little element of humour, keep in mind, that too much of deviation from the topic might distract the reader and annoy her/him.

An important fact that you need to know about a person surfing the web is that, he/she does not have the time or patience to go into each blogging site separately and then choose which is the best. Google lists ten or twelve websites on a search query and if we get our requisite in the first web site, we do not care to look into the next. Here, you need to put into use the element of appearance. Your blog title should be powerful enough to capture people’s attention, so much so, that they care to enter your blog. After that, it all depends on how you manage to pull off the initial impression and turn into a productive experience for the user. On the other hand, using sensational titles and providing little or zero relevant content will only make your blog notorious and users might spread a bad word about your blog that will harm your interests as a blogger.

Last but not least, the overall layout and presentation of your blog is an important tool to build a loyal audience. Use literary tools as similes, metaphors, comparisons etc, to express your self more interestingly. Divide your blog into paragraphs of reasonable lengths. Keep the blogging space clutter-free and advertisement free. If there are ads listed on your blogging site, make sure they are positioned such, that they do not hamper a user’s reading experience. And lastly, believe in your abilities and be confident enough to make a place for yourself in the competitive world of blogging.

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