Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter – Basic Tips

Hashtag is defined as a simple keyword phrase which is pronounced without the use of spaces in between the hash and tag. It has a symbol (#) which is attached before any keyword which we use here like: #ILoveMilk or #boundingchat. Hashtag is mark keywords or topics in Tweets. Whenever, you click on any hashtag, it will lead you to a search featuring Tweets with that same hashtag. Hashtags was first created by Twitter users in order to participate in global conversations. In general, people use the hashtag symbol i.e. # before any relevant keyword or phrase in their tweets so that those tweets could be categorised and that would help them by showing them in twitter search more easily. It could be used anywhere in the sentence. Here we are presenting few basic tips for Hastag.

Basic Tips to Use Hashtags

Before using any hashtag, you should know a little more about it. Generally, conversations collect around hashtags. Before starting a single conversation, you should introduce a hashtag in your sentence. However, if you are willing to join any conversation already going on tweeter, you should first find the right hashtag which is being used in that conversation. They are commonly used at television shows, conferences as well as in some of the major events. Once, you find the right hashtag you could join the conversation and then not only your followers could see your message, but also all those members who are using that hashtag.

There is one problem with this too. You should use the hashtag very judiciously to make it very powerful otherwise it would be destroyed. Again, you should also not use any two hashtag in a single tweet. You should tag the most important word of the sentence which you think is necessary to convey your message. You should be centralized to your usage around one hashtag so that the meaning of it could be spread in a very powerful way. If you are willing to make your own hashtag, you could follow certain tips. Some of the Best ways to make your hashtag more powerful are described below:

  1. Understand hashtags and the use: The hashtag to be used should be short, effective, and simple.
  2. Be obvious: You should be very obvious towards using any hashtag. Sometimes, you should listen to the peoples about what they are loving and move according to them to get maximum attention.
  3. Live Ques and Ans: Hashtags are the perfect mechanism to source questions and tag your answers. You can answer any questions when you are free and tag yourself to the answer.
  4. Include any pre-existing hashtag in your tweet: This could be used in your initial stages so that people could come to know about your own hashtag.
  5. Be Polite: Politeness is very important everywhere. Same is here with a lot of patience too.
  6. Search Important Hashtag: You could use them to make your own hashtag more famous.
  7. Keep your eyes open  always: This is the most important one. You should be more attentive when you are wishing to make your own hashtag to be more powerful. You could search for cool Twitter hashtags on the internet and if that is of any interest to you, use them.

Follow the above written steps to make your hashtag more famous and powerful. Hope, i see your hashtag floating all over the internet very soon.

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