How to Fix Bing Search Opens up Abruptly on Windows 10

Fix Bing Search Opens up Abruptly on Windows 10.

On Windows 10, Bing, the regular search engine of Cortana comes on the screen when requested, but most of the time it rises up abruptly without being called by the users. Whenever Cortana perceives the sound that seems familiar to her, she starts showing results based on her understanding and thus opens up Bing search with anonymous results. Hence, read out the underneath portion to find out the Fix for Bing Search Opens up Abruptly on Windows 10.

The solution is very easy – the little deeply stored “Search online and include web results” function of Cortana needs to be deactivated which subsequently will make her inefficient in showing the Bing results. Henceforth, she will only exhibit results obtained from the machine, not from Bing. If this adjustment seems to be okay, go through the below steps.

How to Fix Bing Search Opens up Abruptly on Windows 10

  • Perform a click on “Ask me anything” field of Cortana and momentarily she will raise the┬ábar on the screen.
Drop a click on Ask me anything area
  • In order to clearly recognize the symbols visible on the left fringe of the bar, do a tap on three straight lines on the top left.
Three straight lines on the left of Cortana bar
  • In a flash, the menu will be clear, appoint a click on Notebook.
Notebook under the menu of Cortana
  • After waiting for a couple of seconds, the Notebook insides will be observable, click Settings.
Settings of Cortana under Notebook
  • The first slider and its ON position aim┬áthat “Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts and more” and so it is this function that needs to be stopped from operating. Toggle it OFF.
Turn off the first option of Cortana Settings
  • By doing so, the Cortana has been deactivated and now some another set of functions are observable in the same bar.
New options are visible after disabling Cortana
  • While viewing the rest of options, see for the slider that addresses its function as “Search online and include web results”. Toggle OFF this function also.
Turn OFF Search online and include web results to Fix Bing Search Opens up Abruptly on Windows 10
  • Upon following the above steps, the field of Cortana will illustrate “Search Windows” write up instead of “Ask me anything”.
Search Windows instead of Ask me anything
  • Any entry in that portion will show up the results from the machine.
No Bing search results will be displayed
  • That’s all!!!

Perform the above steps accordingly and see that Bing search will not come into sight abruptly with unknown answers. But now onwards, Cortana will only appear with the responses carried from the machine and not from Bing search. Go with the steps and bestow your analysis in the comments form below.

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