Blogging Niches to Avoid in 2013 – Tips for New Bloggers

We are already completing half a month of this New Year. New bloggers are getting added everyday and the old ones are getting more and more stronger. Still there are mistakes being committed everyday even by the most experienced ones. This post of mine basically concentrates on those niches which should be strictly avoided in 2013. The new bloggers should strictly follow these:

  • Online money making niches should be avoided: Many websites or rather bloggers write brilliant blogs on making money online. And this is their way of making money. They give long write ups about direct online money making tips. You might earn money with these blogs, but practically none of these tips work and you might put someone else in loss at your own cost. So, avoid such blogs.
  • Blogging niches should be avoided: A person surfing the net and reading the bogs never comes to know about the identity of the blogger. Thus, a 60 years old man might be reading an article written by a 10 year old. This is the reason which inspires the young generation to start blogging. And mostly, they get inspired from the blogs on blogging. New articles come up every day on  blogging, themes customization by the most inexperienced people who have never tried themselves. They read the articles on the net and write in their own words. This way they not only become the competitors to the most experienced bloggers, but also harm the web surfers, thus, it should be avoided.
  • Web Marketing and SEO Niches should be avoided: New trending topic is the web marketing and the SEO. The SEO topic is really very interesting and inspires young bloggers to write articles on it. The topics such as Online marketing, web marketing and internet marketing are the most sought after and make great articles which practically do not work and should be avoided.
  • Computer and Web Tips niches should be avoided: Computers have now grown older and are quickly getting replaced by the mobile phones, tablets, phlablets and most recently the ultrabooks. There is a lot of content on the net regarding the tips and usage of the computer and now such articles do not grab much attention. People are shifting their lust to the latest gadgets. So, avoiding tips on computers and web and focusing on the new gadgets will do the trick.

The whole point of writing this article is that blogging should be done seriously with a passion. A person only willing to make money online by posting some articles should not blog. Like there are many articles on “how to lose 15 kg in 15 days”, but that is practically impossible. This disturbs the content and affects the web surfers.

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