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Use Update Scanner Firefox Add on as a Blogging Tool

update scanner added in mozilla firefox Update Scanner Firefox Mozilla Add on Monitors changes in web pages. This add on can be used as a blogging tool. It helps in improving website traffic and rank vigorously. It is a boon For bloggers. When you will know its real power you will be astonished for sure. Few more page monitoring add 

10 Things to Care Before Writing to Make Blog Post Popular

write a popular blog post Writing content for a blog post is certainly an art which you could develop slowly and steadily. After learning and following lots of skills you start to write your post. Post written after so much effort  arises hope that it will be definitely a killer pillar in your way.In this circumstances if post is not […]

Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter – Basic Tips

Best Ways to Use Hashtags in Twitter Hashtag is defined as a simple keyword phrase which is pronounced without the use of spaces in between the hash and tag. It has a symbol (#) which is attached before any keyword which we use here like: #ILoveMilk or #boundingchat. Hashtag is mark keywords or topics in Tweets. Whenever, you click on any hashtag, […]

Best Way to Improve Server Performance

 An increasing variety of small businesses is utilizing server platforms, discovering that they can support the expressing of software and info, provide better backup and also archiving, and improve info security. But hosts burn up power and demand a significant expenditure those requirements a decent return. With this in mind, there are many of techniques […]

Important Tips for New WordPress users

Important Tips for New WordPress users Creating and running a website is quite common these days. Website management has developed into a neat profession. And when we talk of website hosting platforms the first name that comes in our mind is the WordPress. So if you have installed the WordPress there are certain things that are to be kept in mind […]

How to Place YouTube videos as Background for Website

 All of us who own a website, usually keep a beautiful picture as the background for a page. Some other interesting options could be placing some moving images at the back or a short animation/video clip, which could provide a richer experience. Bing homepage often uses video clips as it’s background. You can do the […]

Security Tips for WordPress Blog Owners

Those who own and run a WordPress blog are aware of the dangers associated with the security of such websites. A skilled hacker can manage to sweep your website completely off the web. This can cost you months of traffic, earnings and can also seriously affect your site’s overall performance. So there are certain cautionary […]