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How to Optimize Images without losing Quality for Blogging

Blogger or website owner often requires optimizing images for his website so that, page of the website may load speedily. An optimized image plays a significant role to run blog nicely during heavy traffic. In this context, Google has announced instructions to every blogger a few days ago.  According to Google, ranking of a website […]

Does Google Autocomplete Reveals Keywords?

Autocomplete is the feature which is included in the Google search. The feature allows you to type a few letters and it shows all the preferences. The preferences are usually very near to what you may be searching. For example, when you are searching for Kolkata and start typing “kol”, various searches as Kolkata, Kolkata […]

How To Embed Vine Video On WordPress Website

Vine app of Twitter has come into view a few days back. It lets twitter user grab and share personal videos only on Twitter or Facebook. One of the best features of Vine app is that it is restricted in the area of sharing videos. As a result, at one side user cannot copy the […]

Top 4 Websites to Create Blogs Free

 Best sites to create blogs – The list of the top websites to create the blogs is a very long one. But, the best sites are very less. Many blogs are usually self hosted WordPress blogs, but, the dominating ones are the free blogging websites. Custom domains can be set on such blogs, but there […]

Ways to increase the Adsense Earnings in a natural way

google-adsense-earning Adsense earnings are very important for the webmasters and they should naturally try to increase it. But with malpractices this is not possible. The old saying ‘The wine gets better with age’ also applies to Google. Monitoring and policing are getting better day by day. The methods of finding people who abuse the online policies […]

How to add analytics code to Blogger Step by Step

add anaytics code to blogger_5 Analytics is the way to understand blog’s popularity on Internet. After creating a blog in blogger the next vital requirement is to add Analytics code to it. Go along these steps and add analytic Tracking code in your blogger in easy way: 1. Go to Google Analytics. You may follow this link to access it: […]

Smooth scrolling to Scroll Web Page in Easier Way

 Over the years passed by, we have seen huge changes in the field of the internet. The broadband connections have revolutionized the speeds which had brought impact in other fields too. The content in the web got richer. The multi-page websites got crunched to the single page websites. This is evident from the very example. […]

Tips for link building through 2013

 Year 2013 has opened with hopes for every existing and every new aspiring blogger. The hope is to get the best of traffic and website rankings. One of the techniques is to get backlinks. As new technologies are evolving everyday, so are the tactics and new strategies. Marketers are in a queue to provide the […]

How to Stay safe from Curious eyes of Facebook Search Graph

facebook privacy settings image Facebook has brought incredible ‘Search Graph’ Tool for specific searching exercise. Whatever, you have shared or liked on Facebook wall, all will be part of search result. Certainly, it won’t be fair to peeping others concerned matter without their proper permission to display. Consider, you have liked or shared intimate matter to your close friends […]