5 Tips to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

You can bring back menu bar on Firefox through F10 or Alt button on Keyboard. Besides this, the menu bar becomes visible again  through ribbon beside Tabs, Open Menu, customize etc.


By default Firefox browser does not show menu bar on its top.  When you launch the browser you might be  shocked when see missing Menu bar on Firefox. You would know menu bar in Firefox contains File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and help menus under which several commands exist which make the browser more user-friendly for you. You can add menu bar to Firefox browser very simply. But here you will find 5 tips to bring back menus on your Firefox.


5 Tips to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

How to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

Easiest ways

  • Click F10 on your keyboard to bring menu bar back on Firefox.
  • Click on Alt key on your Keyboard to show menu bar and repeat the same to hide.

Directly from Ribbon

  • Launch Firefox.
  • Right click on Tab Ribbon on the top of the browser.
  • Click on Menu bar.
  • If you want to add bookmark Toolbar you can add it by selecting the same.

5 Tips to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

From Open Menu

  • Click on the Open menu icon on the extreme upper right corner of Firefox.

5 Tips to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

  • A drop down pop up in the downward direction. Click on Customize button.

5 Tips to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

  •  Clicking on customize launches  a window for Firefox customization in the left side. In the bottom area, you can see Title bar to show the title of the page you open in the browser. Besides this a button Show/Hide Toolbars is present. Click on this. In the drop down Click on Menu bar to bring back the menus. Clicking on Bookmarks Toolbar will bring bookmark bar. Click on Exit Customize to come out.

5 Tips to Bring Back Menu Bar on Firefox

Indirectly Through Ribbon

When you right-click on the Tab Ribbon on of the lowest option is Customize…

Click on it and follow the step written in Open Menu.

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