Chrome Extensions to Read WebPages Offline and Clear

Almost every web page is designed with unlimited advertisements and other vain media files in present times. As result we have to face hard efforts to read the entire webpage of specific web site. Whenever we wish to read web content like news, current issues or tech updates on concerned websites, it seems tedious due to several pop-up notifications on internet browser.

But solution of such problems is present within Google chrome browser using the chrome extension. This type of chrome extension facilitates users to read web pages without any clutter and save them for offline reading.

1. Readability

Readability extension renders chrome user to read the opened webpage without ads or clutter. Once this extension is enabled within web page, it provides simple interface. The Readability extension displays Read latter option with hotkeys to save currently opened web pages to computer drives.


2. Read Later Fast

Read Later Fast extension will become visible with fresh tab under chrome browser. While press right-click on page, it prompt right context panel with option – Read this link later. It provides plain text speedily for reading the web page without ads or clutter.


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