How to Clean and maintain Computer to boost up speed, Performance

How to maintain Computer – The Chief Technology Officer for Hooplah Interactive: Jonathan Millman rightly said, “Your computer could fry if you don’t keep it clean”. So, it is very important to maintain a computer system by cleaning it at regular intervals. The dust can clog the vents of the cooling system which may cause a major problem to the Central Processing Unit. The biggest problem is the small component failures. So, to cut down the cost of thousands which a user may easily run into, regular cleaning is very important. Here are some of the ways which will teach you how to clean the computer system without damaging any part.
Requirements: The following items are required:

  • A standard flat tip screw driver.
  • A can of compressed air.
  • Cotton swabs such as ear buds can also be used.
  • Alcohol for rubbing.
  • Safety Glasses which are optional.
  • Water.
  • Soft, lint-free clothes or anti static cloth.
How to Clean and maintain Computer to boost up speed, Performance image

How to Clean and maintain Computer to boost up speed, Performance

Step 1 : This step speaks about how to go on with the cleaning of the outer part of the case

Take some rubbing alcohol on the cloth or a cotton swab and clean the entire outside of the case. Once the damp side should be used for the cleaning and then the wet side should be used for the cleaning. This step should be used very frequently.

Step 2: This step speaks about the cleaning of the interiors of the sensitive parts inside the case

When it is seen that the dust is getting stored in the vents, then we can be sure that the dust is much more inside. And if this happens it might damage the parts inside. The cleaning should be done with power supply off, and the case should be removed very carefully.

After the case has been carefully removed, the fingers should be always kept away from the cards as these contain a residue power that may suddenly discharge and damage the pins of the component. The small parts should be cleaned by using the compressed air. The nozzle of the can should be kept at least four inches away, and the air should be blown on all the sensitive parts and the fan. The nozzle should be held in such a way that it drives the dust out rather than driving it much more inside. The CD/DVD writers and the USB have to be cleaned very carefully. The cleaning should be done every three to four months.

Step 3: This step speaks about cleaning the keyboards

The keyboard should be disconnected properly, and it should be put upside down. Most of the major dust accumulates between the keys, it falls off. Then, the stream of compressed air should be blown between the keys. The keys must then be swiped using the alcohol. The laptops should also be cleaned in the same manner. The touchpad of the laptop must be carefully cleaned. This process should be continued every month.

Step 4: Maintenance of the mouse.

The upper and the lower sides of the mouse must be cleaned with the alcohol. The dust should be removed over the optical lens beneath the mouse so that it does not block the light.

Step 5: Maintenance of the monitor

The screen should very carefully be cleaned with the alcohol to remove the dust. The best are the microfiber cloths. The spray must not directly be sprayed onto the screen, rather it should be sprayed on the cloth and then the cloth should be swiped onto the screen. This must be done every single month.

Hope, this article helped you a lot in knowing more about to maintain computer. The act is recommended every single month for home computers.

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