How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 – All Type

Cache stored on Windows 10 retards your PC from working with its efficiency. PC starts showing various kinds of issues due to this like it becomes slower, hangs time and again, starts in a longer period of time, the browser shows web pages opened in the last session and even more. You can clear cache on Windows 10 PC after putting a small effort to run your PC with perfection. So we are writing here How to Clear Cache on Windows 10.


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How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 OS

On any operating System like Windows 10, Many types of cache exist. It is distributed on your PC in two different environments desktop and the Modern UI. We call them Desktop app cache, Modern UI App cache which is found in Internet Explorer, Windows Store cache, File Explorer History, Location History. In these Windows 10 tips, we would elaborate to clear cache on Windows 10 one by one.

1. How to Remove Desktop Apps Cache on Windows 10

Via Ccleaner

1. Firstly, I like to introduce the desktop app cache. You can clear cache on Windows 10 in the easiest and dexterous way by utilizing CCleaner software which wipes out browser cache, thumbnail cache, font cache, DNS cache and many more on applying only a single click. Instead of doing it manually one by one, you can simply Clear Cache on Windows 10 using CCleaner at once.

You can download CCleaner software by visiting the link above CCleaner which is free of cost.


Through Disk Cleanup

2. If you want to clear cache on Windows 10 manually then you have also an option other than CCleaner to clear cache in Windows 10, but it would be manual. The best thing to know that all the methods are applicable to Windows 10 as it was in Windows 7 and 8. You can use Disk Cleanup instantly to clear the thumbnail, temp files and all type of recyclable cache.

3. To open Disk Cleanup, write the text cleanmgr in the Cortana search box below the Start Menu and select disk cleanup from the search results. Disk Cleanup will be opened and you can now scan your files as you want in different drives on your PC.

cleanmgr written Cortana search box

4. Select drive one by one and click OK.

How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 - All Type image 1

5. Check all boxes and press Clean up System Files after scanning the files.

How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 - All Type image 2

6. In the next window select the drive in which you have stored your system files and click OK.

c drive system cleanup

After a short span of time, the utility will calculate which are the files you can delete and a window like below screenshot will present. Check all the boxes and click OK.

ok button to cleanup system files on disk cleanup window
Read in Detail: Windows 10 – How to Open and Use Disk Cleanup

7. Sometimes, you need to flush DNS cache while you will find browsing problems. To do this, open command prompt through search box below start menu and copy the following command and paste in it.

ipconfig /flushdns

8. Hit Enter.

In the Modern UI, you would also see many types of cache like Internet Explorer, Windows Store, File Explorer History and Live Tile caches. So, let us start with Internet Explorer, the Modern UI version of the browser.

How to Clear File Explorer History in Windows 10

When you browse and open different folders and files on Windows 10 the action generates cache which affects the PC execution. So to Clear Cache on Windows 10, it is very relevant to clear file explorer history.

a. Click File Explorer icon on the taskbar.

file explorer icon on the taskbar on win 10

b. On Open File Explorer Window click View menu at the top followed by the Options icon on the extreme right on the ribbon.

folder icon on the file explorer view ribbon

c. A Folder Options wizard opens up. Go to the lower part and click Clear button.

Clear Cache on Windows 10

How to clear Internet Explorer Cache

a. Open Internet Explorer by launching Cortana and write down Internet Explorer in the search space. Soon, you will notice Internet Explorer as the Best match on top, click on it.

Cortana search Internet Explorer

b. Once the browser opens up, click on the Tools button at the extreme top right. A menu will appear with various choices, click on Internet options.

Internet Explorer Tools button Internet options

c. An Internet Properties box will pop up, focus on the General tab and locate the section that reads as Browsing history.

d. Finally, click the Delete button that appears in the section.

How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 - All Type image 3

e. The above action will make another box pop-up on the screen. Various options with checkboxes are listed out. Hence, select all the boxes and then as the last thing, click on Delete.

How to Clear Cache on Windows 10 - All Type image 4

How to Clear Windows 10 Store Cache

In Windows 10 you might have known Windows Store is accompanied by Windows store beta. Evidently, you will form more cache of Windows store on your computer than earlier. So If you want to Clear Cache on Windows 10 you must have to clear Windows store cache.

a. First of all, open the run dialog box by clicking Window key with R. Copy and paste the following command in the run box.


b. Press EnterHow to Clear Cache on Windows 10 - All Type image 5

I am sure you would not get more problems later after using the above different tips to reset the Cache on Windows 10. That’s it.

Delete Location History

  • Click to go into the Settings app.

Settings symbol in the Start Menu

  • Choose Privacy.

privacy category on the settings application window

  • Click Location in the left sidebar. Press Clear button under Location History.

Location Privacy settings Clear Location history

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