Fix: Code 33 – Windows cannot determine which resources in Windows 10

You are in this post means you are looking to fix the annoying error Code 33 – Windows cannot determine which resources are required is an annoying Device Manager error. Commonly, the issue occurs when the Windows becomes unable to start a device. Moreover, other several reasons are available to cause it, however, you don’t need to be technically or a professional computer programmer to extricate this issue.

Additionally, before going ahead, it is crucial to know the possible cause of device manager error code 33. Translation failure may be responsible for the bug that occurs when determining the correct types of resources for a device driver. Another reason behind the existence of this issue and it is corrupted or out-of-date driver. Although, most of the times Error Code 33 occurs because of the later reason. The error is normally presented in the following format – "Windows cannot determine which resources are required for this device. Code 33"

Code 33 - Windows cannot determine which resources

1] Restart your Computer
2] Update the Device Driver
3] Update the BIOS
4] Configure, Repair or Replace the Hardware

Ways to Fix Code 33 – Windows cannot determine which resources in Windows 10

Here is how to fix Code 33 – Windows cannot determine which resources in Windows 10 –

1] Restart your Computer

Sometimes error codes 33 may pop up due to temporary glitches. To resolve such errors, a simple reboot is enough, moreover, if it still persists then straightway shut down Windows and then start. For this, click on the Start icon, residing in the lower left corner of the screen. Here, hit on the Power button followed by Restart.

2] Update the Device Driver to fix Code 33 – Windows cannot determine which resources

Since most of the times, Code 33 error is the result of a corrupted or outdated driver, so there is maximum chance of fixing the issue by updating the same. You can follow these steps –

Step-1: Press Win+R simultaneously and type devmgmt.msc in the text field. Hit the Enter key.

Step-2: Device Manager console showing a list of devices will open. Identify the faulty driver (commonly with exclamation mark) and then do a right-click on the same.

Step-3: From the context menu, select the option Update driver.

Step-4: At this time, a new wizard will open, opt for “Search automatically for updated driver software”. Remember, for this, you should device should have an active internet connection.

Step-5: Besides, you want to update it manually, choose the second option – Browse my computer for driver software. Thereafter, address the path where the driver is located on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step-6: Ultimately, on completion of this procedure, reboot your Windows 10 PC.

3] Update the BIOS

When it comes to fixing Code 33 error by updating the BIOS, the success rate is quite high. However, one thing you should note is that procedure to update a BIOS is not a one-for-all solution. It differs in various motherboard but there are certain steps which apply to all them. Here is how to do it –

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of your motherboard manufacturer.
  • Once it opens, go to the Support or Downloads page of your motherboard (here you may need to search a bit).
  • On the following result, you will find a list of different BIOS versions. Download the latest one.
  • It will be a ZIP or similar archive file, extract it.
  • In the extracted folder, you will find a README file that contains all details about how to update the BIOS.

Sometimes you require a flashing tool and sometimes the manufacturer provides a “BIOS-flashing” option straightaway in the BIOS. Additionally, you’re able to assign the file into a USB drive and then update the BIOS manually by restarting your machine. Thereafter, follow the steps provided by the motherboard’s manufacturer. You can access all this and more information through that README file.

4] Configure, Repair or Replace the Hardware

In rare cases, the victims of Code 33 – Windows cannot determine which resources error have to follow this method. You need to properly configure the problematic hardware device to fix this bug during this. In addition to this, when you install a device that is non-plug and plays, the resource settings will not be set up by itself. It means for this you will have to perform device configuration task manually.

For device configuration, here is what you have to do –

  • Go to the Taskbar and click on the Search icon.
  • Type control panel and select the same from the result.
  • Choose the System category from the available option.
  • On the following page, go to the left side of the display and click on the Device Manager.
  • Find the faulty driver and then double-click on the same to configure it.
  • Click the Resources tab and then click on then mark the box next to the Use Automatic Setting
  • After that click, the ‘Setting Based On’ and then click the hardware configuration you wish to change.
  • Press the ‘Resource Type’ you will like to configure in the ‘Resource Settings’ box
  • Now go to Change Settings tab and type a new value for the Resource Type

Thus, these four methods will help you to get rid of the Device Manager Code 33 error.

That’s all!!!

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