How to Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10

Today in the Windows 10 tips, we are composing 2 methods via which you would be able to Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10.

Actually when Windows 10 computer shows errors, sometimes you need to open command prompt at startup or boot to eradicate the fault in your PC. So read How to Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10 for the sake of eradicating certain faults with the assistance of either of the 2 procedures.

The first process is through the Installation Media of Windows 10. And the second method is by using the Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10.

How to Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10

Through Installation Media

  • Begin the work with booting Win 10 on machine with the assistance of USB.
  • Now Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10 follow the below-inscribed steps.
  • Hit Jointly Shift including F10 keys when you are into Windows Setup.
setup window
  • Or hit Next while you passing through Windows Setup
  • On the following screen click the button on the left bottom area Repair your computer.
repair your computer option
  • Opt for Troubleshoot (See the next process for further steps that you will follow after selecting Troubleshoot).

Through Advanced Startup Options

  • Bring the interface of the boot options menu. (tap/hit on How to Access UEFI (BIOS) Settings on Windows 10 to see the whole procedure).
  • Go along with the choice in the middle Troubleshoot.
troubleshoot option on screen
  • On the next screen, hit the option in the right side Advanced Options.
advance option in troubleshoot
  • Prefer to hit on the Command Prompt icon.
  • Choosing the choice Advanced Startup leads the machine to restart containing Windows 10 where you require tapping on the local administrator name.
  • Enter the credentials of Windows 10 in the spread out pop up and hit Continue.
Launch Command Prompt at Boot in Windows 10

The whole exercise leads to the emergence of elevated Command prompt while you are starting Windows 10 machine. From this position, you could run a command to repair the files hindering to boot.

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