Complete list of Windows Terminal Shortcut keys

List having all 52 Windows Terminal Shortcut keys.

Windows Terminal Shortcut keys

The Windows Terminal is an excellent cross-platform utility that hosts Windows PowerShell and command prompt. This tool was introduced with Windows 10 1903 offering to run the consoles in different tabs. There are also many key combinations to control the Windows Terminal. Ctrl + Shift + P works as a master key to open all the shortcut keys list on the console.

Windows Terminal Shortcut keys will help you to use this tool fast and easily for running commands and cmdlets. Ctrl+Shift+P allows the tool to show all the hotkeys.

Windows Terminal Shortcut keys list

Here is the complete list of Windows Terminal Shortcut keys –

No.Command nameShortcut key
1.Close windowAlt+f4
2.Copy textCtrl+c
3.Decrease font sizeCtrl+minus
4.Increase font sizeCtrl+plus
5.Duplicate paneAlt+shift+d
6.Duplicate tabCtrl+shift+d
8.Move focus downAlt+down
9.Move focus leftAlt+left
10.Move focus rightAlt+right
11.Move focus upAlt+up
12.Move focus to the last used paneCtrl+alt+left
13.New tabCtrl+shift+t
14.New tab, profile index: 0Ctrl+shift+1
15.New tab, profile index: 1Ctrl+shift+2
16.New tab, profile index: 2Ctrl+shift+3
17.New tab, profile index: 3Ctrl+shift+4
18.New tab, profile index: 4Ctrl+shift+5
19.New tab, profile index: 5Ctrl+shift+6
20.New tab, profile index: 6Ctrl+shift+7
21.New tab, profile index: 7Ctrl+shift+8
22.New tab, profile index: 8Ctrl+shift+9
23.Next tabCtrl+tab
24.Open default settings fileCtrl+alt+,
25.Open new tab dropdownCtrl+shift+space
26.Open settings fileCtrl+,
28.Previous tabCtrl+shift+tab
29.Reset font sizeCtrl+0
30.Resize pane downAlt+shift+down
31.Resize pane leftAlt+shift+left
32.Resize pane rightAlt+shift+right
33.Resize pane upAlt+shift+up
34.Scroll downCtrl+shift+down
35.Scroll down one pageCtrl+shift+pgdn
36.Scroll to the bottom of historyCtrl+shift+end
37.Scroll down to the top of historyCtrl+shift+home
38.Scroll upCtrl+shift+up
39.Scroll up one pageCtrl+shift+pgup
40.Split pane. Split – horizontalAlt+shift+minus
41.Split pane split – verticalAlt+shift+plus
42.Switch to tab, index:0Ctrl+alt+1
43.Switch to tab, index:1Ctrl+alt+2
44.Switch to tab, index:2Ctrl+alt+3
45.Switch to tab, index:3Ctrl+alt+4
46.Switch to tab, index:4Ctrl+alt+5
47.Switch to tab, index:5Ctrl+alt+6
48.Switch to tab, index:6Ctrl+alt+7
49.Switch to tab, index:7Ctrl+alt+8
50.Switch to tab, index:8Ctrl+alt+9
51.Toggle command paletteCtrl+shift+p
52.Toggle fullscreenF11

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