Cool Websites and apps: Part 2

This article is the continuation to my previous article of Cool websites and apps part 1. So many websites and apps are coming up every day that I cannot stop myself from exploring them. And they are being designed keeping the common people in mind so that they can have a large number of utilities. Let us see some of them:

  • Converseen: Image conversion is probably the activity which everyone does for making the images better or for supporting them in particular devices. But, it is a very hefty job if is  dealt with images individually, especially all the keyboard shortcuts have to be known well, the files have to browse and then the perfect tools have to be selected to get the picture perfect images. This becomes much more difficult for the professionals who have to deal with hundreds of images. This is very handy software which makes this work very easy. The interface is very simple and easy to go through. It makes compressing files, resizing them and editing them very easy.
  • Dropify: When we come across any interesting article or a modern trend, we all want to share it. Or there is an awesome song or a very good video; we want our friends to view it. The file has to be uploaded to an online file host before it can be shared. A new web service called Dropify has been launched to help you share a file on Facebook. It is a very user-friendly service which helps in uploading the file on Facebook, so that it could be shared among the friend’s circle.
  • Slingpic: This is very useful software for all the web administrators and owners. The visitors visiting the website are able to share the images of the website on social networking sites using his service. It is plugin for the WordPress. A share button is added over the image when this plugin is integrated with the WordPress blog. The share button does not always show up, but only appears when the visitor moves the cursor over the image. This icon can be used to share the image over any social network.
  • Clipular: This is a very useful extension specially designed for those who want to save the web pages. It is an extension of Chrome. The screen shots of the images from the browsers and the websites can directly be saved to the computer system. These can be saved and can even be shared. This tool becomes very handy for all those researchers who jam their bookmarks folders with many websites. They can simply save the screenshots of the websites and the images they want.
  • Designing a website was once considered a herculean task, and was considered most ambitious as a lot of technicality and skills were required. The things have now changed and the trends have become much simpler. But the basics of web designing which is the knowledge of HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript has to be worked upon. This website teaches you all about the web designing with its customized themes and blogs.

If you come across other such exciting websites and softwares, do let us know in the comments section. We will update our databases with the information.

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