Customize Windows 8 Start Interface using Start Screen Unlimited Freeware

Windows 8 and 8.1 start screen personalizing software are not in plenty that impresses you so much. But I have found an amazing software that adds important features to Start Screen to run Windows 8 PC smoothly as well as adorns with buttons. Moreover, it works so quickly and easily that impels you to download. This software is none other than Start Screen Unlimited. Start Screen Unlimited lets putting on many gadgets as the digital clock, Google Search Box, Power menu, Button to navigate to Control Panel, etc. You can remove these buttons with a single click and slide the user interface to adjust anywhere on Start Screen.

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Customize Windows 8 Start Interface using Start Screen Unlimited Freeware

The Design of Start Screen Unlimited offers very useful features that may ease you to work Windows 8 device. If you do not have installed start menu app this software avails an application or program prompter and using this you can personalize your Windows 8 Desktop as you wish.

After installing Start Screen Unlimited you find a power menu that lets you to Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate and sleep your Desktop. Deluxe version of this app adds features using which you can customize these buttons to make it beautiful and cool on your own choice.

Start Screen Unlimited wrench icon has two options Control Panel and Quit Unlimited. Hitting on Control Panel launches control Panel of PC. Quit Unlimited is for the users who don’t find convenient for them. They can hit Quit Unlimited which removes the apps from start window in no time.

Apart from these buttons, a Google Search box is lying and from here you can start searching which opens results in the default browser. Moreover, you can slide its interface on Start Screen and place wherever you are needing.

Download the Start Screen Unlimited software on your Windows 8 or 8.1 PC from the link given at the lowermost part of this article.

Start Screen Unlimited software has versions one is  Lite and the other is Deluxe version. You can use Deluxe version for the Commercial environment. Apart from the above-written features, you find much more in these two versions of Start Screen Unlimited. It offers 3D menus including free support and automatic updates as well.

Customize Windows 8 Start Interface using Start Screen Unlimited Freeware

Start Screen Unlimited Key Features

1. Google Search box to search directly from Start Screen.

2. Time and Date on the home start screen.

3. Power menu lets shutdown, reboot, sleep, or hibernate from the start screen.

4. Place the user interface wherever you want.


Start Screen Unlimited is a fantastic software that helps you to add unlimited features to Windows 8.1 Start Screen. Its interface is very user-friendly and accessing is so easy. I hope this software will impress with the capacity of prettifying and adding utility tools to your start screen.

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