DayHiker: Chrome Extension to manage Google Calendar

Google has lots of valuable applications into its treasure to offer billions of worldwide net users. As every bit of spending time, its treasure fills with new applications. Time and again, I have introduced all important Chrome applications at the same place. In sequence of discussing another Chrome extension, I am about to derive ‘DayHiker‘ application.

DayHiker‘ is an application, which allows users to Reminds or Derive upcoming day-to-day tasks. Though, Google Calendar is available in public domain to fix or reminds your personal assignments on day-to-day basis. But your laziness prevents to follow Google Calendar to affix working assignments. ‘DayHiker‘ is complete solution to bring everything you need to know in Google Toolbar. It gives soft reminders to you to remember stuff and not to forget important tasks. The Chrome extension allows users to add events to calendar to remind it later on. When you are pointing mouse on ‘DayHiker‘ add-on, it will notify upcoming event at the same time it displays current date and time. Now, I am going to derive the way of ‘DayHiker‘ functioning after installing it on Chrome browser.

Once ‘DayHiker‘ application is installed on Chrome, it will automatically sync with your Google Account. Then it sets up and refreshes Google Account regularly to keep updated with new added events. As far as installation of ‘DayHiker’ application concern, you need to follow below successive steps.

  • DayHiker app is available in Chrome Web Store. Therefore, you need to access Chrome Web Store location and then after search for DayHiker extension. 
  • Download link of DayHiker Chrome extension could be get-able after Clicking Here
  • Now click to ‘Add to Chrome‘ button and grant access to all your data. 
  • As soon as you click ‘Add‘ button DayHiker extension in shape of icon appears in Toolbar. 
  • Now login to your Google Account then set priority ‘what to do’ in upcoming days / weeks / months

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