How to share a large file on Twitter with Twileshare

The immensely popular social networking site Twitter has currently 500 million users and is the second largest social networking site in the world wide web. On a site as Twitter, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can share your likes, dislikes, experiences with others….But….within a limit of 140 characters? Not really Friends! Now Twitter isn’t just about 140 characters or even a picture or two. This post tells you about how you can make more out of Twitter by sharing not just photos but myriad kinds of files as PDF, Doc, MP3 or Zip using a Twitter app known as ‘Twileshare’. Just follow the following tips:

1. Enter the web address ‘’ in your web browser.

2. Once you reach the homepage of this website,you will see written on the top-right-hand area ‘Twileshare is free service that allows you…….’Beneath this statement is mentioned ‘Sign in with Twitter’. Click on that.

3. You are now directed to what looks like a SIGN IN portal. There, you are asked to enter your Twitter username/e-mail id and below that your Twitter password. After entering these sign-in details, click on AUTHORIZE APP. You have now signed in the Twileshare app using Twitter.

4. Now a page appears before you that states largely ‘Share a File’. Just below that is a empty rectangular box that asks you to ‘CHOOSE A FILE TO SHARE’. In order to choose the requisite file, click on ‘Select a File’.

5. Now the familiar WINDOWS SEARCH BOX appears before you where the list of storage areas of your computer as My computer, Desktop, Documents are listed. Browse through them to select the file you intend to share.

6. Once the file is selected, you see the address specification of that file filled into the ‘Choose A File to Share’ box. In the large empty box stating ‘Tweet Text’, present just below, you are required to tweet a little description of the content you are sharing. This comes with a little con that once you share a file, the tweet length limit reduces to 110 characters. My suggestion would be…keep the tweet small. Let the video or the text document you are sharing, do the talking!

7. Lastly, you need to then click on the green box stating Share it. Now your file would be shared on your Twitter page and posted with your tweet. Just on the top of the page, the message ‘Your File Has Been Uploaded’ should appear.

There are a few things you need to know about Twileshare.

(i) This app allows, at once, sharing of file of size 20 MB Only.

(ii) The Tweet Text entry is Compulsory before sharing a file.

(iii) The total file sharing usage allowed for one user is 1 GB which is tremendously more than enough for your usage.
I am sure that this post will be helpful in enriching your experience at Twitter and making the most out of this amazing way of interaction!

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  1. nice blog. Dropbox share everything.