Deals Near Me for Windows 8 for Shopping in Malls From your Location

Deals Near Me is a fantastic application available free for your windows 8 machine. This app is used to do online shopping from the best shopping malls present in the locality of yours. Using this application, you could find the best deals on any items for which you are searching here and there. This app allows you to quickly view all deals within a geographic radius of your current position or a specified address. It searches all the popular deal sites like LivingSocial, SweetJack, AmazonLocal, Gilt City, Lifebook, GroupOn, Signpost, Plum District and more! Using Deals Near Me app, you could also get a notification if a new item comes into the shopping malls.

The interface of Deals Near Me app is very neat and clean. This is designed in a very simplistic manner so that you could find it user friendly. A screenshot is shown below:

Deals near me for Windows 8

You could have access to this application under the category of Shopping in Windows 8 App Store. You could also use the link provided at the last of this article or could search its name using the Windows charm Facility.

How to do shopping using Deals Near Me app

Once you have installed Deals Near Me app properly in your windows machine, you could launch this application from its icon present in the start screen. A window will be displayed asking whether to use your current location as the base location. This app purely runs on a location basis. Once you have given your response, a window like the above shown picture will pop-up on your screen showing you a collection of different categories of malls and items. Deals are first displayed in contextual categories, including New Deals for Me, Nearest Me, Highest Percent Off, Newest, and Ending. You could also see various other deals floating on your screen. They are Bars/Lounges, Concerts, Fitness Classes, Hair Salons, Kids, etc. The ranges of all of these commodities are commendable.

Once you liked any of the deal provided here, open the deal for the information related to this item like expiry date, price, the discount, and where this deal site is located. You could also use the windows charm (Win+I) settings for finding out any shopping mall if you know its name or any commodity in any particular mall. If the name of the commodity or the location is valid, it will search for you. Whether the item is in stock or not is also shown there. If it is in stock, the total numbers is shown otherwise Sold Out would be written against that very item.

If any deal interests you, click on it, and then you will be directed to the deal’s screen. This screen contains all the requisite details of the deal like the original price, the discount offer, description, and the map of the road which would bring you there. The two options Time remaining and the option to map it helps one a lot in getting the best deals within time. On booking a deal, the deal consists of the deal’s name, one liner description, it’s source, and the live countdown of deal expiry on the item. You will get in 3 to 4 working days.

 Key Features of Deals Near Me App

  1. Free of Cost.
  2. Neat User Interface and is self-explanatory.
  3. Finds out your location automatically and provides you then a variety of shopping malls nearby.
  4. Provides the best deals from multiple sources and lets you decide.
  5. Provides live tiles in Start Screen.
  6. Search Radius could be customized.
  7. Live Map lets you pan and Zoom.
  8. Large Collection of Beautiful Categories.
  9. Supports Windows 8 Charms as well as its different settings.
  10. A charming windows 8 Shopping app.


Deals Near Me is really a very nice application as it aggregates the best deals for you from multiple stores. It lets you decide on the things present in the stores whether to buy or not. The goods you purchase here comes at a reasonable price and are newly bought. You will love this app and its exciting offers. You can try it with confidently.

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