Picazoid – A Nice Windows 8 / 10 App to Edit Photos with Filter

Picazoid is an image enhancing tool that can be used to give an astonishing look to your photo and editing it with your own accord with many filters at disposal. Editing photo is a common trend and is gearing up as now people prefer sharing photos anywhere only after they have edited them providing them totally a new view. It is an app designed to supplement the above need so that you can do editing in a nice way just by filtering it and maintaining the originality of the image.

Talking about the interface Picazoid has a minimal UI design but works powerfully when it comes to editing. It is subtly user-friendly and working with it does not require but a common sense in using the effects that are provided in the app. A  screenshot of the interface is shown below.

Picazoid for windows 8

How to Use Picazoid app

Before going further you need to know that you can download it from the Windows store and install it. After doing so you just have to launch the app icon, and you will be directed to a blank screen where you will have to right click to get access to Choose File option to browse the files in the folders.

In the above screen, you can see that the files that are stored in the storage of your device are shown from different sources like camera roll or any other folders. From here you can browse within and inside the folders to look for the image that you wish to edit. Once you are done with that you have to click on the Open option at the right bottom down to transfer it to the next stage where all the filters and other editing options are available. For an example to show the editing options I have taken a test image below and the interface screenshot is shown below.

The above screen shows a number of filter options namely Original, Sepia, and Orange Sky, etc. that can be applied to provide the effects to your image. To apply any of the above you just have to click on the respective option and you will be presented an edited version of the image. After you have done this you can use the control bar option to save the image. Also, some other options alongside Save button are also present. These can be used to know the information about Picazoid or you can use it to open an image that has already been edited.

If you wish to apply multiple filters you can do this by first saving the image after the initial filter option has been applied and then opening this image to further edit it by applying the second filter.

Key Features of Picazoid App

  1. It is a free Windows 8 app.
  2. No advertisement is displayed on it.
  3. Create wonderful images with amazing effects in one click.
  4. Supports dock-view for multitasking

Conclusion: It’s definitely an app that would get the attraction of people wanting to edit their photos with numerous variety of filters. Also, an easy interface makes it suitable for quick usage.

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