LyrAMP App – Free Windows 10/8 Music Player with Lyrics and Album Art

LyrAMP Music Player is a great free media player app for Windows 10/8 which easily shows you information related to the music you are playing. It displays the lyrics of the songs currently going on. Along with the lyrics, it also displays the artist information and album art. This is completely different music player app owing to the different information shown on its screen. This is again a very nice application for those who love listening to English songs but could not get the proper meaning of some lines of a song.

The user interface is very neat and highly polished, and as it seems from the looks of it, you can easily see that a lot of work has been put in the development of this app. Owing to its simplistic structure, users could get to know about this app with a lot of ease. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

                               LyrAMP music player app for Windows 8

You could get this app from the Windows 8 App Store or you could simply visit its official site from the link provided at the last of this article.

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How to use and Play with LyrAMP app

Once LyrAMP app is properly installed on your Windows machine, you will find a window like the above shown screenshot will pop up in front of your screen. On the left side panel of this app, you can see a collection of information about any song. All you have to do is to click on any of them and the information will be displayed in the center of the screen along with the onset of any song. The different facilities provided here are Lyrics, Albums, Info, Top Songs, Events, and Properties. You can select whichever you wish to but before that, you have to select a song present in the next half of the screen.

On the right side panel of this app, you could see a large collection of songs. To play any song, you just have to double click on any song and there the song is playing on your computer. At the topmost of this player, you will see three options. They are used to stop, play, play back and play forward. At the bottom of this player generally, you could not see anything. However, when you move your cursor at the bottom of this app or right click on the screen, you will find a new panel consisting of new options. They are Skip Ahead, Skip Back, Repeat, Shuffle. There is a special option present here, and that is Sort which could be used to sort your music collection in certain ways like alphabetic, time, recent, top etc. 

Key features of LyrAMP app

  1. Completely free Windows 8 app.
  2. Interface is absolutely simple and easy to use.
  3. No promotion of ads while running this app.
  4. Support Docked view.
  5. Download info about artists: image, bio, top songs, albums, events/gigs.
  6. Displays Lyrics of the songs currently playing.
  7. Allow multiple tasks by playing the songs in the background.


LyrAMP is a nice application as it lets you know the lyrics of the songs which you are going to play in a well efficient manner. Again, as it allows playing of songs in the background, it helps you in doing other tasks too while listening to the songs. This is a worth trying app.

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