Desktop Remote – Android App to Control Your PC Remotely over WiFi or IP

Desktop Remote is a free android application which is used to control your Windows desktop from an Android device over a WiFi network. It could also work on the basis of IP address too. It remembers the last IP address for you so that you won’t have to type the same IP again and again. This app is also supported of picking from multiple PCs. This app needs a backend server to run for its successfully controlling your PC.  The back end service as mentioned above should be running all the time on your Windows machine for well running this application. You might say that this is an ingredient for this app to run efficiently.

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The interface of this app is kept a simple show that users could use this app with a greater ease. A screenshot of this application is shown below:

              Remote desktop for Android

This App is available in two modes which are discussed below:

  1. Free Mode: This mode lets you control your PC’s keyboard as well as mouse remotely. The details of it are discussed below.
  2. Paid Mode: There are some extra features provided which we are not discussing in this article.

The Android desktop remote PC software supports all windows versions starting from windows 2000 to windows 8. You could have this app from the link provided at the last of this article. You could also have it by searching its name in Google Play Store.

How to setup Desktop Remote app on your PC

After the proper installation of this app on your Windows machine, you will see a new icon in your taskbar which is shown in the below shown screenshot. This is the Android Desktop Remote icon.

ADR system tray icon

Now, connect your own Android handset to the same Wi-Fi network with which your PC has currently been connected. In case, if you don’t have a wireless network on your PC, you could create a hotspot with your PC and connect your android device with this hotspot. There are several software out there which could be used to create hotspot like: Connectify me. It could also be performed in reverse order i.e. creating Wi-Fi hotspot using your android device and then letting your PC to connect to it. The main thing of which you have to be sure for well functioning of this app is that both your PC and your Android device is connected to the same wi-fi hotspot no matter from where they have been created. This is how you set up this app on your PC.

How to set up this Desktop Remote on your android device

At first, install this app properly in your android device from the link provided or from the Google Play Store. Once you have done this, connect your phone as well as your PC to the same wireless network and check whether this application is working on your PC. Once you have checked it, launch this Android Desktop Remote on your Android device. Once this app starts on your screen, it will show you a list of all the IP addresses. This IP is the IP address of the PC on which your current application is running. If you are not seeing any IP, you could just write down the IP address of your PC and then press connect.

Once connected to the IP address, it will show you the message “Connected to ****” where, **** is the IP  address of your PC. You could look for this in the first screenshot where it has been written that connected to at the left topmost corner. In the center of this app, you will see a black area which is called its trackpad area. There are three buttons with the name hold at the bottom of this application. They are for mouse left, middle and right uses. The keyboard of your device could also be brought so that it would be easy to write inside your PC using this app. Once activating your keyboard, you could write anything on your PC or use different applications present on your PC with a greater ease. As long as this app is on, you could remotely control your PC using your Android handset. The moment the connection is lost, there would be no such remote controlling.

Key Features of Desktop Remote App

  1. Both Android Desktop Remote app and the server app are available for free.
  2. Uncluttered Interface.
  3. Support Swype Keyboard.
  4. Automatically Connect.
  5. Touch to move mouse.

Note: You can also access its full version which is available with desktop video support. However, this is a paid version.

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  1. A very good app for controlling your PC remotely from Android device is R-HUB remote support servers. The app can be freely downloaded from Google play store.